Become the Top Choice in Malaysia By Launching an Uber Clone App

Malaysia is a vast country with a population of about 33.80 Million. It is pretty tricky to know what each of them wants but, one thing’s for sure – they want safe and comfortable rides! Malaysia is a modern economy that is driven by the latest technology. Besides the tech-advanced population, Malaysia is also seen as a ‘shared economy’, and e-ride hailing is one aspect. Let’s learn more about this service and how the Uber clone App will help you become the next market-dominant with its impressive features, services, and characteristics!


The ‘e’ in the term refers to an electronic or digital system where a person uses their smartphone to request taxi service. This digitized service is also known as mobile taxi booking (MTB). This mobile technology has definitely given rise to interest in customers who have a smartphone and know how to use a mobile app.

In Malaysia only, there are around 42 MTB firms including Grab, Pickup2u, and so on. Well, this clearly states that the competition in the market is tough and to jump through each one of them, you need to launch Uber clonee-ride hailing services!

That being said, what about the riders who don’t have a smartphone or a taxi booking application? Don’t worry because this clone is the ‘solution’ to all your problems!


Uber clone now facilitates riders with no taxi app or no smartphone to hail an empty taxi. For example, let’s suppose that a user wants to take a taxi to reach home from the airport. How will they go if they don’t have the app? Will they have to first download the app, install it, register, and then book the ride? No, the riders don’t have to do any of these things. In fact, they only have to wave at the empty taxi at the airport.

After waving at the empty taxi, the driver will tap on the ‘Hail Ride’ option available on the Driver app’s screen. The driver also follows the similar steps that the rider does while booking the taxi through the app.

  1. The driver adds the current location
  2. Asks destination address to the rider
  3. The app will show the estimated fare and the route to the destination
  4. Starts the trip

Later, when the taxi driver clicks on ‘End the Trip’, an automatic invoice is generated. This invoice includes details like:

  • Pickup and drop-off location
  • Break down the fare
  • Total fare

In this case, the rider has to pay cash to the taxi driver!


These are key features that make the e-ride hailing experience plain sailing for the riders and the driver.

Real-time location tracking

This feature helps the driver to find the best route to reach the rider’s drop-off location.

Google APIs

Google APIs let the driver open the Google Maps and navigate to the added location.


This ensures that the taxi fare is ‘fair’. During the rush hours, surcharges will be applied. Implying, that the driver doesn’t have to complete the hailed ride with a heavy heart.

Robust driver’s app dashboard

Other features that are included in the taxi booking appconsist of:

  • Trip history
  • Rating and review
  • Upcoming trips
  • Canceled trips


Malaysian entrepreneurs, are you ready to become one of the richest businessmen in the country? Do you want to earn more and beat market-leading firms like Grab? Now is your chance to launch the Uber Clone App!

Grab the opportunity today so that by the end of the week, you’ll be an entrepreneur for real!

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