Gojek Clone: The Most Profit-Making Business Deal Of 2022

Gojek clone is one of the most renowned names in the history of multi-service applications. Its features and overall appearance are something that truly attracts customers. But, in this blog. Let’s just talk about the features that make this all-inclusive app a true ‘super app’. 

Let’s begin! 


The below-mentioned features are exclusive to the KINGX 2022 app. So, if you want to savor them without wasting another minute. 

Smart login 

This feature is available for smartphone users. iPhone users can log in with their Face ID whereas, the Android users can log in with Fingerprint scanning! Such an advanced biometric authentication system has helped a lot of users to eliminate the hassles of remembering usernames and passwords. 

Taxi booking with the iWatch App

Trust me, developing Gojek like app is nothing similar to building an ordinary single service app. It is because of this feature – booking taxis via iWatch. Have you ever heard of an application that lets its users book a taxi through iWatch? Bet you haven’t. 

To install the app on the iWatch, you need to keep the watch internet enabled. If you download the app on your smartphone. It will automatically be installed in the app. And just like booking a taxi face-to-face just became the conventional way of booking a taxi. 

Video calling the delivery agent 

If you already know a bit about pre-built apps and their basic features, in-app calling and chatting were one of them.

However, with the introduction of the Gojek Clone -KINGX 2022, the app came up with an additional feature of video calling the delivery agent and the taxi driver. With this feature at hand, both parties can communicate well and eliminate any chances of queries! 

Voice note instructions 

This feature, to be honest, is a personal favorite of many customers who love ordering stuff online and getting them delivered to the doorstep. In this feature, the customers ordering online from the Gojek clone app are supposed to upload an audio clip instructing the driver about delivering the order in a particular manner. 

To upload the voice note, the user has to first hold on to the record button and clearly explain how they want things to be delivered.

They can listen to the recording before sending it and if any distortions are found, the audio clip can be deleted and re-recorded as well! The delivery driver will only be able to hear the voice note once they pick up the order from the store and set its status as ‘delivery on the way.’

OTP verification 

OTP verification feature is concerned with the safety and security of the user booking the service. Here, the user who has booked the service gets a 4-digit code on the phone number and email address registered with the Gojek clone app. 

The service provider will then ask for this OTP and enter it into their app. It is only after the verification is confirmed can they begin the task. 

If you are wondering if the app that. We are talking about is authentic or not. Don’t worry because it is! But, how can you trust that? 

  • The app is made following the App Store Guidelines. 
  • The mobile app is trusted by more than 1200 clients across the world!  
  • It has been tried and tested over a thousand times already, making it a bug-free multi-service app. That is Quality Assured only by professionals. 


Get the best clone script today and launch a Gojek Clone. Become the owner of the world’s biggest on-demand multi-service app in a record 1 – 2 weeks! 

Less investment, quick deployment, and steady income are something every businessman wants. So, grab the best business deal right away!

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