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WhatsApp Spy App: No Need For Fake Accounts or Second Numbers

According to the Mashable research 27% of check social media right after waking up. FOMO is one of the most common things especially among Millenials as the stats show 69% of millennials experience FOMO. Some even spend more than their pocket just to feel connected and in fear of missing out on something fun. The main contributor to presenting this feeling is Facebook with 72% while Instagram has 14% shares. The easy sharing thing has made it worst as there is this fake image that everyone is living the perfect life except you. Social media has played important role in projecting this feeling into the minds of its users. Teenagers and young audience is the biggest target as innocent minds are growing up with these so-called entertainment platforms and digital tools.

So what is the easy way out? I think the simple method especially for teenagers and kids is to know about their online activities in real. Let me make a simple list for you.

  • You should know who is the new girl or boy added to the Facebook account.
  • You should have the right information about every WhatsApp group your kid has joined and about the media shared in the group.
  • Know about the Snap record and what kind of media is shared and received on the platform.
  • Does your kid have secret accounts or are they doing fine online
  • Are their messengers or private chat box a safe place? Do they have bullies or stalkers added to the online platforms?

Yes and millions of these types of questions that I am sure you have a better understanding of. Now if you have answers to the above-mentioned questions you are good to go. But if you are not aware of it then I am afraid this is an alarming situation. The shortcut can be to make a fake account to be added to Facebook or Instagram, but still, it is just a short cut and many questions will remain unanswered. Well, let me tell you the latest technology that is making its way in the modern world, especially in the parent’s community. It’s about the use of features like the WhatsApp spy app, Facebook spy app, Instagram spy app, and more.

WhatsApp Spy App:

Ever wonder how many groups your kid has joined and what kind of adult content would be shared in those groups. Well, no need to go that way as it is nightmare. Simply get the OgyMogy and the app offers a WhatsApp spy app. The feature let the parents know about all the WhatsApp activities the kid. Phone book,  audio, and video call log, text message content, group message details, and media shared through the target account all the information is notified to the parents by the WhatsApp spy app. Keep an eye on the target WhatsApp and take action if you see any buy getting into their private chat box.

Facebook Spy App:

The WhatsApp spy app can lead you to the Facebook spy app if the target has connected Facebook with WhatsApp. The feature reports all the newsfeed activities in detail with timestamped information to the parents. Even the messenger is in the parent’s access.

Tinder Spy App:

Don’t let your kid date a loser, weirdo, or sexual offender with the Tinder spy app. Check out the profile of the potential partner in detail without letting the kid know. You can even remotely block the internet Incase you don’t want them to meet any dangerous person on Tinder.

Snapchat Spy App:

Snapchat makes the content disappear within a second and that is what teenagers love the most. No clue about the content left behind. The OgyMogy spy app offers a Snapchat spy app that can give the user insights about all the deleted Snaps and more.

Instagram Spy  App:

The Instagram spy app saves the image and video shared publicly or even privately on the target Instagram account.

No need to make fake accounts or tiptoe your way around the kids as features like the WhatsApp spy app, Facebook spy app, and Instagram spy app can give you real-time insight into the kid’s life. Just select the bundle you like and install the app by following a simple and easy step.  

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