What European rules should immigrants pay attention to?

For someone who has never been abroad, it is difficult to control the laws of the new country. Just because he doesn’t know what to look for? So it turns out that immigrants did not know the basics of everyday life that were common to Europeans.

Can’t stay illegal one day

In addition to an international passport that verifies your identity, you must have documents proving your legal status.

There are many legal requirements: from a tourist visa to a permanent residence permit or EU citizenship. It doesn’t matter which one you have. But it must be true.

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This is when you arrive on a European visa. You should apply for a residence permit immediately. You should continue to make claims a few months before the expiration date. To obtain permanent residence or citizenship

You can live in a single situation when your residence permit expires. The consulate has set a date for the renewal of your license – after which you will be on the waiting certificate for your residence permit for some time.

Why is it important to maintain your legal status?

The fact is that if a person loses his status even for a day, he can leave the country and renew his visa.

In addition, upon leaving the country, a person may be fined or barred from entering the country for a specified period.

In addition to legal status, it is important to renew your health insurance. Due to insurance issues, you may not be able to renew your residence permit.

If you have major changes, such as divorce or relocation, you should also report them. If you do not comply, you may be fined the next time you renew your residence permit.

A report must be submitted to the IRS.

The Revenue Officer is a separate entity. This does not directly affect obtaining a residence permit, but tax office issues can affect your state.

The fact is that the tax system is very different in CIS countries and Europe. It is important to declare all your income in Europe and you cannot hide it.

In Europe, for example, there is a gift tax: even if someone pays you, you have to report and pay taxes.

Everyone in Europe is required to file an individual tax return to show all income and expenses. Sending it to the Revenue Office According to this declaration, the state can tax you and pay you.

Because to complete such a complex document requires some knowledge and skills. Therefore, not everyone can do it alone. So not only do you need to contact the accountant at the same time, but you also need to “find” your “personal” accountant. Because accountants in Europe are more specialized than doctors or lawyers.

You have to be serious about the law.

First of all, violating the law, especially if it is an administrative crime, will not directly damage the reputation, but on the contrary, Europe has a strict system of fines. Fines are usually a big blow to the wallet.

In addition, the level of criminal responsibility in Europe has changed: many crimes in our country are not fully punished or classified administratively. It is a criminal offense in Europe, for example, theft, assault, and fraud are not punishable in Europe.

It is often difficult for immigrants to understand what a serious crime is in Europe. Because breaking the law in Pakistan is almost equal to merit.

For example, if you display insults, slander, or personal information on the Internet. It seems to be a virtual life and not under the control of the law. But what if someone in Europe sues you for such acts? You will be criminally responsible.

Although this article is not very difficult. But your criminal record is still included in the certificate of good conduct. This will be required when applying for a residence permit or citizenship.

The same is true of “familiar” events in post-Soviet territory, such as shoplifting or child murder. These are criminal offenses in most European countries.

This means that any crime in Europe, above all, has financial implications. The result is that there is no criminal record in the case of entering information about the criminal record in the certificate, and ultimately there are problems. With a residence permit

Immigrants need to be twice as careful as European law. Because although immigrants have all the rights of European residents by birth, the crime can affect any residence permit. Citizenship can be revoked in the case of a serious crime.

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