How Much Does It Cost in Vancouver for iPhone Screen Repair?

Have you cracked your beloved iPhone screen? Now you are wondering what to do. Whether you should replace your new iPhone or repair your broken iPhone, buying a new iPhone will definitely cost you a lot of money. Thus, you may prefer to visit an Apple Store or an iPhone phone repair shop in Vancouver for iPhone repair. Additionally, you will consider the cost of fixing your broken iPhone. iPhone is an expensive phone; hence, you may guess the cost of repairing your broken device is also high. You are right to some extent; still, you can repair broken iPhones at affordable prices. We are also going to discuss this matter in this post in detail to let you know about it all-inclusively.   

Average Cost to Repair a Cracked iPhone Screen

It shouldn’t seem a surprise to you if you dropped your iPhone and cracked the iPhone screen. Many phone users like you have been doing that in the past up till now. Besides, breaking phone screens is also one of the most common damages that smartphone users deal with. Now, you may think of repairing your cracked iPhone screen and the cost that may incur. You have three options to repair your broken iPhone screen, including Apple Store, third-party phone repair service, and a DIY kit. 

Additionally, Apple repairs will typically cost you more money than the other two options. However, it doesn’t mean Apple repairs are always expensive. We shall have a look at the available options you have one by one to let you know the average cost of iPhone screen repair. Moreover, you should back up your iPhone and also know your Apple ID plus password before bringing your device anywhere for repair. Now, let’s find the average cost of iPhone screen repair from Apple, third-party repair shops, & DIY iPhone repair kits. 

Apple iPhone Screen Repair Costs: 

In iPhones, the screen and LCD are fused together. Thus, it is highly unlikely to fix your broken iPhone screen with glass repair but not the LCD display. Apple repairs become expensive if you choose to repair the newest iPhone model and prices reduce for the previous models. Here is what you can currently expect to pay Apple Store for iPhone screen repair for different out-of-warranty iPhone models in Vancouver:


iPhone 13 Pro Max or iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 11 Pro Max or iPhone XS Max: $779 

iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone XS or iPhone X: $719

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12: $599

iPhone 13 mini or iPhone 12 mini or iPhone XR: $519

iPhone 8 Plus: $519

iPhone 8: $449

iPhone 7 Plus: $449

iPhone 7: $405

iPhone 6s Plus: $429

iPhone 6s or iPhone 6: $389

iPhone SE (3rd Generation): $389

iPhone SE (2nd Generation) or iPhone SE: $389

iPhone 5s: $379

Apple iPhone screen repairs are expensive. Nonetheless, Apple can repair your iPhone screen and back glass damage for $39 if you have AppleCare+. However, the same fees become $129 for damage other than the front screen or back glass. 

Third-Party iPhone Screen Repair Costs: 

Third-party iPhone repair won’t cost you much as Apple Store. Still, you cannot reckon all third-party phone repair shops as the same for iPhone repairs. There are reliable third-party iPhone repair shops, such as Cell Doctor in Vancouver, for iPhone screen repair. Nevertheless, there are some cheap and unreliable iPhone repair shops, too. Therefore, you should choose your option wisely when you consider repairing a cracked iPhone screen from a third-party iPhone repair shop. iPhone screen repair costs vary from service to service in Vancouver; still, it’s considerably less than Apple repair.    

You can also take advantage of the internet to know the possible cost of third-party iPhone screen repair. Go through the website of the top iPhone repair services you find online, mention your iPhone issue, and know the estimate. Additionally, you can also book an appointment for iPhone repair with credible iPhone repair shops. Moreover, some iPhone repair shops will examine your broken iPhone first to know the extent of the damage. Then, tell you the probable cost of iPhone screen repair. It’s also better for iPhone users to let iPhone repair technicians examine their broken iPhones first before repair. Doing it will save them from the frustration of visiting the shop a second or third time to pay again for repair.

DIY iPhone Repair Kits: 

The cheapest but not the safest option you have to repair your cracked iPhone screen is DIY iPhone repair kits. iPhone repair kits won’t cost you much and will typically cost you under a  hundred dollars or less. Nonetheless, choosing this option isn’t safe as you can damage your device even more in the process. You can also find some tutorials online concerning DIY iPhone repairs. Still, you should skip this option unless you are an expert or want to become an iPhone repair technician.    


If you crack your iPhone screen, you have three options in Vancouver for iPhone screen repair: a) Apple Store, b) Third-Party iPhone Repair Shop, and c) iPhone Repair Kit. Apple iPhone screen repairs are costly unless you have AppleCare+. DIY iPhone repair is your cheapest but not the safest option. Lastly, third-party iPhone repair is your best option for iPhone screen repair if you cannot afford an Apple repair.

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