How Is Google Search Affecting Our Intelligence?

If anybody asks you a problematic question before Google or the Internet, numerous possibilities were available back then.

You will go to someone you think will know the answers. Be it teachers, seniors, parents, siblings, anyone. You also had an option to go through books, dictionaries, or encyclopaedias. Libraries to conduct research were the best source available in the pre-internet era.

Although, it was hectic, time-consuming, and probably more complex than what people do these days–Google It.

Access to knowledge has been fairly convenient due to the ongoing advancement of technology. Ever since Google came into existence, people are highly dependent on it. I mean, why not? You will get multiple search results in seconds. Now with Google, you don’t have to worry about your studies or college assignments because everything is widely available. 

Thanks to technological advancements, reliable data and numbers may be found on the Internet. The Internet directly influences our intelligence. We’ve gotten reliant on the Internet to get answers to our questions and problems. So, do you think Google search is a boon or a hindrance to our intelligence?

I am sure that you’re looking for information on this topic only because you have to make assignments on it. Otherwise, we all have made peace with our addiction to Google and the Internet. After all, it’s convenient.

However, I have shared all the information you are looking for in this blog. Keep reading.

7 Examples on How Google Is Affecting Our Brain?

Nowadays, we are actually glued to the Internet. We always use Google search when we have a query or an opinion. The top Google search results both terrify and inspire us. We trust the information supplied by Google.

Today’s generation cannot envision life without rapid access to the Internet. Google search is always there for us, whether it’s for homework, tests, or interviews. Because the Internet has such a large influence on our minds, you may find the following facts on how the Internet affects our brains intriguing.

Number 1: We don’t want to recall

Despite being rapid learners, we are not interested in remembering things. Because we count so considerably from Google and the Web. For our convenience, we have started to have items saved and bookmarked. Search results are the greatest medium of learning. People cannot risk losing all storage from their cell phones. We choose not to focus on the things since we can easily access information via Google search. We are unable to recollect data since we have a powerful search engine.

Number 2: We are becoming technologically obsessed

Technology dares to enslave us! It doesn’t matter if we are not linked to our device or not.

The uncontrollable desire to browse even useless things over the Internet is always there. Physiologically we are habitual and hooked to the Internet, and it is the root cause of our health and mental problems. We desire constant access to the Internet. Instead of appreciating nature, we choose to stay indoors and unwind with our iPhones and tablets.

Number 3: We are reliant on the Internet

Whenever we have to find any information, we are so confident that we will find our concerns on the Web, so we don’t have to remember anything.

People have stopped making notes. The Internet so spooks us since we cannot recall all of the info and numbers. Even for the minor issues or knowledge, we turn to the google search.

The effect is so bad that even for the same information, we search it on google instead of remembering it. It’s like our brain understands where to go for content on the Internet.

Number 4: Our intelligence is increasing

Our IQ is gradually growing as we utilize the Internet. After utilizing various social websites and applications, the generation became aware of the potential implications. Do you believe that the Internet has enhanced your IQ? Why not? Quite so much data as we acquire on the Web every day has the potential to alter our brain. Because of the Internet, we are becoming wiser.

Number 6: We are deficient in originality

We have lost our originality as a result of our excessive usage of the Internet. Creativity comes from someone who is willing to experiment and think beyond the box. Nowadays, we are so reliant on technology that we have forgotten how to think and brainstorm. We utilize Google search immediately, which limits our thinking process.

Number 7: Humans are evolving into mighty browsers

People these days are acting as power browsers rather than learning and perceiving information on the Internet. We skim the bullet points, headlines, and material that sticks out in bold and highlighted patterns rather than reading the full article or topic. Humans are decreasing their capacity to pay attention to an issue. A lack of attention might increase the likelihood of family and work time being disrupted.

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While browsers have made your life a less complicated, excessive Internet usage, on the other hand, has left a damaging impact on our characters and, ofcourse, on our intelligence. We have grown completely reliant on the Search engines.

Rather than considering solutions and analyzing the risk elements of any issue we face. We immediately shifted to Google for help. That’s where we restrict our introspections and proficiency to be innovative and resourceful. Consequently, the effect of Search engines on our intelligence is both destructive and natural.

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