Do You Know How Custom Rigid Boxes Are Made?

Take a brief tour of this custom rigid boxes, also known as “Set-Up Boxes, “are a frequent style of luxury packaging. Slightly thicker than a folding box, rigid boxes are often printed directly. 

Rigid boxes have the name due to their nature of rigidity and hardness. Consider the automobile box. A beautiful shiny automobile spare parts.

What Are Rigid Boxes and What Is Their Manufacturing Procedure?

Depending on the manufacturer, most procedures are either on machine or hand-operated.

To provide the color to the box’s interior, the dies used for the custom rigid boxes are colored; thus, the internal side is shown colorful, showing the brand value and company name. Rigid boxes are made of chipboard, greyboard, or plain board, a hue comparable to the newspaper material. 

Cutting and scoring dies are used to shape and size the chipboard to make folding easier. The box sides are scored and folded up to create the box. The sides are then “stayed” with tape using a quad stayer machine. The wrap is printed (if requested and then cut or “mitered” to suit the package. The box is then glued to the wrap.

Wraps come in various textures, colors, and finishes; for example, high gloss or matte texture includes embossing, foil stamping, and flocking.

The wraps may be wrapped around the box securely or loosely. The covers were usually slack when making Custom rigid boxes by hand, and the package is now neatly wrapped. People still like rigid boxes with loose wraps as it gives them a hand-made look, making them more costly and elegant this type of texture and design is often used.

Overview of Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes have a lid and a base which can be the bottom of the packaging and the top cover of the packaging. These Rigid boxes may be square, rectangular, round, triangular, or V-shaped. However, rigid box designs are mainly classified by the lid used in the packaging sector.

And, like with many things in the packaging business, these boxes come in hybridized forms, with names that vary according to the manufacturers.

Boxes with Telescope Lids

A Full Telescope lid covers the whole base, whereas a Partial Telescope lid just covers half of the base.

A Full Telescope lid covers the whole box base, such as a chocolate or candy box. This example contains “thumb cuts” to help open the box.

Partial Telescope or Partial Cover Custom rigid boxes are precisely what they sound like.

There Are Several Hinged Lid Rigid Box Designs. Here Are a Few Popular Looks

Flip Top 

The Flip Top or Cigar Box is a timeless rigid box shape. It is traditionally used for high-end cigars, although it may be used for anything.

Here Is a Flip Top or Cigar Box Variant 

The Book Style rigid box closes like a hardcover book. This packaging design is widely used for luxury foods, clothing, cosmetic products, and customer electronics.

Not just custom rigid setup boxes use the Clamshell Style, and this style is used in the corrugated, folding box, and thermoform/blister packaging.

 Wrist Watch Rigid Box

There are several ways to make a wristwatch rigid box. Using a box template and grading the folds is the most popular method in the box-making process. This will give you a nice, clean box that can be decorated however you like. Another way to make a rigid wristwatch box is to use a die-cut machine. This will give you a more professional-looking box, but it will take some time to set up the machine and cut it out.

Ending Thought

Custom Rigid Boxes are not only for the show. It is also the name of feelings you have for others, and it should be used instead of a folding box. These boxes are highly environment friendly, and these Rigid boxes also show respect to the customer’s gift or another valued item he wants to pack. As these are more often used in many events and memorable moments.

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