ClickUp Price Vs Asana Price: The Ultimate Pricing Battle  

Companies can manage projects and their workforce more efficiently with the help of project management software. These tools ensure that resources are fully utilized following the requirements. The article compares two such project management tools that are used to improve tracking, Asana & Confluence software. In addition to the features, demo, and reviews, the article also provides a comparison of Asana Price vs ClickUp Price.   

Everything about ClickUp Software  

ClickUp is a flexible web tool. It aids in the planning, management, and collaboration of project tasks for enterprises. The application allows users to provide specific team members or groups’ comments and tasks. Additionally, it provides an inbox, documents, calendars, goals, and scheduling.   

Moreover, the software offers a live activity stream. It shows tasks as they are created and completed in chronological order. Businesses can set up team-specific notifications while monitoring projects on an Agile dashboard on the application. It allows them to modify and publish comments while sending notifications to the appropriate personnel in a discussion thread.  

Key Features of ClickUp Software  

Gantt Charts  

This feature of the program allows you to organize, rank, and manage dependencies into a project timetable using Gannt charts. You can also view tasks, lists, projects, and spaces from above. Additionally, the software provides you an opportunity to sort the tasks faster and order them according to importance. Adding to that, you can also promote team collaboration in real-time when updating projects with a drag-and-drop feature.  


The program allows you to link documents, tasks, and dependencies together. This way you can access everything from a single location. You can also connect consumers to orders, clients to offers, users to bug issues, and more. The application allows the establishment of a clear hierarchy for teams to use when prioritizing tasks.  

Mind Maps  

Use this tool the application to design mind maps. Outline ideas, projects, and even completed tasks. The software allows you to map the workflows with active projects. To rearrange tasks while editing, adding, and removing them from views so that they follow logical paths. Additionally, you can make mind maps without regard to the task structures.   

ClickUp Demo   

Demo videos are available on the company’s website to provide more clarity to potential customers. It enables users to get a better understanding of the software and get in touch with the user interface.   

ClickUp Price  

The ClickUp price structure offers 5 different pricing plans for various users as per their needs. The following are the packages:  

  1. Free Forever

The package is free of cost and suits best for personal usage. It includes the following:  

Whiteboards, Kanban boards, sprint management, and much more.  

2. Unlimited  

The plan costs $5 per user monthly and is best suited for small teams. It offers everything included in the Free Forever package and the following:  

Unlimited storage/integrations/dashboards, form view, goals & portfolios, and much more.  

3. Business  

This package costs $12 per user monthly and works best for mid-sized teams. It includes everything offered in the Unlimited package and also:  

Google SSO, advances automation/public sharing, gold folders, and more.  

4. Business Plus  

This plan costs $19 per user monthly and is suitable for multiple teams. In addition to the features offered in the Business package, it includes the following:  

Team sharing, custom permissions/role creation, priority support, and more.   

5. Enterprise  

The pricing for this package is not available on the website. However, you can request the team for the quotation. It includes everything included in the Business Plus plan and the following:  

White labeling, single-sign-on (SSO), enterprise API, and much more.  

ClickUp Review  

The software has excellent user satisfaction with a positive rating of ranking of 94% on SelectHub. Additionally, it has a ranking of 4.7 out of 5 stars on credible software review websites, including Capterra and G2.  

Everything about Asana Software 

Asana is a cloud-based marketing tool. It assists teams of all kinds to manage and organize tasks while fostering increased communication and teamwork. The application assists you in identifying risks, maintaining objective alignment, and meeting project deadlines. Additionally, it provides marketing, HR, engineering, and design on a single dashboard. Asana software streamlines tasks automate procedures and support the creation of effective strategies and game plans.   

Key Features of Asana  


The portfolio function of the application provides the command center of an organization for all active projects. The dashboard view lists the following:  

Project status, progress, due dates, priority, custom field values, and project owner.  


Use this feature of the application to manage and track tasks visually. It allows you to adjust the number of columns on each board and use assignee or due-date-based filter views. Adding to that you can also shift jobs fast and effortlessly with drag-and-drop functionality.   

Group Controls  

The software allows you to categorize users into three group types:  

Members (internal), guests (external), and limited access members.  

This encourages collaboration among the users. Additionally, setting up access levels and edit permissions ensures that everyone on the team can contribute however they see fit without compromising privacy.  

Asana Demo  

You can request the company to watch a demo of the software. All you have to do is to fill out an online form available on Asana’s website. It helps potential customers make better decisions before actually buying software.  

Asana Price  

The Asana pricing plans include 3 packages for different types of users as per their needs. The following are the packages:  

1. Basic  

This package does not cost a single dollar. It works best for individuals & teams who are new to the project management tools. The plan offers the following:  
Unlimited tasks/projects/messages, calendar view, project overview, and much more.

2. Premium  

This plan costs $10.99 a user per month which is billed annually. The package is suitable for teams who need to create project plans with confidence. It includes the following features:  
Timeline, forms, rules, task templates, and much more.  

3. Business  

The cost of this package is $24.99. It is best suited for teams & companies who have to manage work across initiatives. It offers the following:  

Portfolios, workload, goals, approvals, proofing, and much more.   

Asana Review  

The software has favorable voting with 87% of users voting in favor of Asana. Additionally, the software has received a ranking of 4.8 out of 5 stars on FinancesOnline and 4 on Gartner. The top reasons for such excellent voting are:  

Product capabilities, evaluation and contracting, and other features. 

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