4 Types of Personal Computers You Should Know About

There are many types of personal computers on the market. There are Netbooks, Tablets, Hand-held devices, Desktops, and more. These computers with their different models vary greatly in their features and price. In this blog post, we will discuss the most popular types of personal computers.


A notebook computer is a thin laptop that fits into a briefcase or handbag. They are powered by alternating current or direct current and can weigh as little as eight pounds. They have a keyboard and thin monitor and can be folded up when not in use.

Facts about Notebooks

Netbooks are lightweight laptop computers. They are commonly used for internet access. They are lightweight, cheap, and use various online tools to complement work.

Originally, the idea behind notebooks was to be the classic thin PC, with a small screen, keyboard, and excellent connectivity. As such, they would have limited storage and a stripped-down operating system. In other words, it is a simple window on the web.


There are two basic types of personal laptops: PCs and tablets. Both are lightweight, portable computers. PCs use internal fans to keep them cool, while tablets do not. This conserves battery power and does not use as much heat. However, tablet computers do not have the same storage space as laptops for sale in Perth.

Earlier laptops resembled notebooks. They were usually about the size of an A4 sheet of paper. Later laptops were made smaller and had wider screens. They can also lay sideways.

Hand-held Devices

Handheld devices are portable computers with a keyboard. These computers are often used for clinical research. They are becoming more popular with researchers, but they pose a number of challenges for data entry. Handheld computers tend to have smaller screens and are less reliable for data entry. They also may not be intuitive to operate for users who are unfamiliar with these types of devices.

Handheld computers are portable, battery-powered computers that can be carried around. They have the same basic functionality as desktop computers but are smaller. They feature tiny keyboards and touchscreens. They often come with a stylus or touch screen to input data.



A desktop computer is much larger than a laptop and is typically used in one location. They are more powerful than laptops but still have size restrictions. Desktops are ideal for people who work on multiple projects and require more power than a laptop. Desktops also require a larger workspace. However, they are not portable and should not be used by people who are constantly moving around. Desktops are typically used in offices and homes.

Ideal for Video Game Lovers

Desktop computers are also considered to be more powerful for gaming than a laptop. Their powerful parts mean they can support high-end graphics and can often have more than one video card installed. So, even though desktops are being replaced by handheld computers, they are still super popular among video game champions and enthusiasts. In addition, desktop computers are easier to customize and upgrade.

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