What Tech Should Students Be Excited for in 2022?

The world we live in constantly evolves and changes. And as a result, we, as humans, change along with it. Our species has evolved and adapted to the changes around us throughout the years and generations. But it’s these challenges that push us to develop new technology. And that’s why we can find ourselves living comfortable lives in 2022. Most of us have tech around us every day. So, we don’t realise how important it is for us. For example, you’re reading this blog because you’re on a computer with access to the internet. Therefore, we can safely say that technology is an integral part of our lives. However, with it being so normalised, is there any technology students in the UK can be excited for? The answer is yes!

Our UK essay writer service has a list of exciting technology that may intrigue and excite students. But before we go forward and share what our team has gathered, let’s first understand why technology is so important for us.

Why Is Technology Important? – Analysis by a UK Essay Writer Service

We can find technology in almost every aspect of our lives these days. Everything from entertainment to medicine and even education incorporates some technological advancement. But that’s not why technology is important. Those are just examples of how much we use it on a daily basis. Technology is a lot more complex when analysing why it’s important. So, here’s a brief overview to explain and help you understand.

From the early days of human evolution, we have had a need to improve our lives. As a result, our ancestors had to think outside the box. After all, they had complex challenges to handle. At first, it was the basics: food, shelter, and warmth. Then, as we progressed to develop cities, our needs continued to grow. Thus, we have continually used technology to improve our lives. Think of everything around you, whether it’s the roads, the buildings, and even the light bulbs in your home. Each is there because someone invented the technology. And so much wouldn’t be possible without it. Imagine where we would be if things like the internet, phones, or even televisions didn’t exist. That’s why technology is so important for us humans. It’s a means for us to improve our lives and the lives of others.

A List of Exciting Technology for Students by a UK Essay Writer Service

There are many technological developments in the world. But most of them fit into our everyday lives. That’s why we rarely pay attention to them unless it’s something like the latest iPhone. However, there is still new tech out there that students can look forward to. So, here’s our list of the upcoming tech you may want to keep an eye on in 2022:

1. The Metaverse

Everyone keeps talking about the Metaverse. It’s the latest trending topic on the internet. But why should a student be excited about it? After all, it doesn’t exist yet. Well, the Metaverse is technically a virtual world that uses many different cutting edge technologies. For example, augmented and virtual reality. And despite not being fully operational as of 2022, the end goal is for it to be a space where people can meet, play, work, study, and more. 

Students should be interested in the technology because it’s predicted to be the next stage in the evolution of the internet. And it seems that it will connect both a person’s physical and digital life. Thus, blurring the lines between what we do in the real world and what we do online. And as many companies jump on board, students may see their future jobs and education spaces within the Metaverse. So, our UK essay writer service recommends keeping an eye on where the Metaverse is heading.

2. CryptoCurrency

Like the Metaverse, cryptocurrency is also a technological advancement that students may need to take an interest in. Why? Because it’s the next big economic step for the world. If you’re unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, it’s essentially a digital form of cash. And people can use it to make payments online across the globe in almost every country. In addition, it will also be incorporated with blockchain tech for use within Facebook’s Metaverse. Thus, it’s set to revolutionise the global trade system in a way, unlike anything we’ve seen before. Of course, it’s still not widely accepted in many countries. For example, countries like China, Qatar, Egypt, and Bangladesh have banned the technology. But students need to look into it as they move ahead.

3. 3D-Printing

3D printing is another new technology that allows us to build, create, and replicate objects. For example, you can print 3D models or parts and even houses if you have the right printer. But why is 3D printing something students should be excited about? Well, it all has to do with accessibility. There are many things students cannot physically see during their education. If you’re a med student, you cannot see the inner workings of the human body unless you use your textbook. However, with a 3D printer, you can print a replica of any part or organ in the human body. Thus, allowing you to see how it functions. Similarly, students in any field can study various objects that may be inaccessible by using this technology. So, keep an eye on 3D printing as you move forward.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The next step in technology that should excite students is AI. Why? Because AI, artificial intelligence, is changing the way everything works. If you need an example, you needn’t look further than how tools like Google search, Facebook, Instagram, and even Grammarly work. Each uses artificial intelligence to resolve complex issues. Thus, resulting in better searches or quicker language analysis. However, we are going to see a lot more artificial intelligence in the future. You may see AI writers take over writing for students. Perhaps you might see AI tools that can help you learn. Even artificial intelligence that can resolve complex challenges with your institution’s student help operations. So, keep your eye on how artificial intelligence is progressing.


In the end, there are many exciting technologies that should excite students. But we hope you enjoyed our list of interesting current and future technological developments. As a student, you will be entering a world that’s full of new ideas, devices, and tech. Therefore, our UK essay writer service recommends staying ahead of the curve. So, try reading up on new technology and learn how you can prepare yourself for the many upcoming changes. That way, you’ll be ready when it’s time to jump in.

However, technology isn’t the only exciting thing that students should look forward to. After all, it’s only one aspect of your future. Instead, students should read more about trends and topics that will help them get ready for their life ahead. Whether it’s educational help, tips and trick, or exciting technology, you can find more good reads right here. So, have fun and keep learning.

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