What equipment do you need for your move?

In addition to the organization, for a move to go well, you will need good protective packaging equipment throughout this delicate operation. You need a range of items like cardboard boxes, cutters, hand trucks, wheeled trays, straps, bubble wrap, blankets, gloves, seat belts, trucks with tailgates, and a furniture lift. Here is an inventory of all these objects and some diverse and varied free advice, so your move goes like clockwork.

Cardboard, tape, and markers

This is probably the basic and most obvious when it comes to moving. Having boxes to put your belongings is essential. Otherwise, the move becomes complicated. Not only does this allow you to sort through the things you don’t want to take with you, but it also allows you to protect your belongings during the move.

We recommend using large garbage bags instead of boxes to move your clothes. Especially those hung on hangers. It’s a good way to protect them and save boxes.

Another tip: to avoid damaging your back, make small cuts in the shape of a triangle with a cutter so that you can pass your fingers when you lift them. Finally, if you have suitcases, use them to carry heavy things such as books. It’s practical, and it also saves you boxes.

Accompanied by cardboard, a marker is also essential to note what is in them. We advise you not to note what your box contains above it but rather on the side. Then, when you stack your boxes in the moving truck, it will be easier to dispatch the boxes to the right rooms because reading will be faster.

Finally, the tape is probably the other essential tool to close the boxes and even build them.

Trolleys or moving carts

Moving heavy objects is always a challenge when moving house. Often, we ask for help from loved ones (or MyDemenageur big guys ), and we try to save our backs as best we can. However, tools can be very useful for heavy and large objects, particularly trolleys, which will allow you to move these objects with great efficiency and not strain your back. It will also save you valuable time.

If you live somewhere with an elevator, this is ideal. Otherwise, there are also stair trolleys, but you will have to carry your heavy objects with the strength of your arms. They are, however, designed to adapt to climbs or descents.

Another tip is to rent a furniture lift in case your stairs are too narrow. It’s practical and saves you the hassle of carrying your furniture up the stairs if you don’t have an elevator. You also save your back and save a lot of time.

Cutters, scissors, and screwdriver set

Small tools are also useful when moving. By small tools, we mean the cutters, a pair of scissors, and a set of screwdrivers.

The cutters will allow you to open the boxes more easily or even cut the tape. The same goes for scissors, which will be your allies against the sticky and resistant tape. Finally, consider getting at least a flat screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver with the most used sizes for the screwdriver set. In any case, this will be essential for you to be able to disassemble your furniture (if it comes apart). Also, consider a drill, just in case.

We advise you to put all these tools in a box to have them available as quickly as possible. Place it where you can access it quickly. It will only save time on your move, which will already be long enough!

Bubble wrap, newspapers, and blankets

To wrap your belongings and ensure they do not break during the move, bubble wrap is particularly recommended for your dishes or even fragile objects such as paintings, trinkets, etc. However, it is sometimes necessary to put a lot to protect your belongings.

You can also save money by putting newspapers to protect your belongings. Again, it’s probably less expensive than bubble wrap because you can easily have some at home if you regularly read the newspaper or magazines.

But also think of other ecological and free ways to pack your fragile belongings! For example, your quilts, sheets, and blankets are perfect for protecting your furniture in the moving truck. Of course, you can wash them afterward. Also, use your clothes to pack fragile things. For example, use your socks to protect your glasses or use your t-shirts, tops, and skirts to pack your plates and dishes. It’s ecological and economical!

Protective gloves, covers, straps, and protective wedges

And with these tools, we cannot miss other elements such as protective gloves. It’s not impossible that you hurt your fingers with furniture or even try to unscrew something. If you ever come across splinters or broken glass, you’ll be happy to wear one.

Straps are also perfect items for moving. You can use it when you load your trolley, for example, so that the boxes do not slip or do not have to hold them while you handle them. Use them also to wedge the furniture in the truck and for the furniture lift. It would be a shame if things fell out because you didn’t fasten them.

To cover your rugs and mattresses, use a mattress moving cover and rug storage bag to protect them from dust and any damage. You can buy these items easily and affordably from www.britwrap.com.  Finally, the protective wedges are also useful when putting everything in the truck. Since, ideally, nothing should move in the truck, these will allow you to secure your furniture and your belongings so that they do not slip around the first bend.

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