What are the steps to follow in the permanent recruitment process?

Organizations looking for full-time employees in Gulf countries should follow certain steps in the recruitment process. Investing time to create an effective recruitment process will result in major benefits to a company. Some of them include employee productivity, reduction of hiring costs, and better quality of hires. Retaining talented employees for full-time jobs allows a company to gain more advantages. On the other hand, it should understand know how to implement an effective recruitment process while hiring permanent employees.

How to create a good recruitment process?

1. Developing a clear employer brand

Organizations should consider developing a clear employer brand in job markets when they want to hire permanent employees. Since most candidates like to identify potential employers, it is important to attract the best talents by defining why candidates should select a company. An organization should set its mission and values while hiring skilled employees. A company should establish a strong digital brand online that will help accomplish goals to a large extent.

2. Identifying the needs

A company should consider creating a list of needs before creating a job posting. This will help identify the hiring needs when it comes to permanent positions. Knowing the job needs lets an organization focus more on its objectives and other things. Another thing is that it provides ways to hire skilled candidates for a job position.

3. Preparing the job description

Creating a job description is necessary for a company because it plays an important role in attracting candidates for full-time jobs. An organization should consider preparing the job description with expert teams after knowing the needs of various departments. It should describe the duties and responsibilities of a role clearly. A good job description allows a company to communicate its needs and expectations to potential candidates. On the other hand, an organization should make sure that it is specific to choose candidates who can meet the demands of a job.

4. Maximizing automation

A company should consider using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to maximize its needs in the automation process. Automation allows a company to track the applicants and other things from job listings and filter resumes that help find the most suitable candidates. Apart from this, automation allows an organization to save time.

5. Creating a recruitment plan

An organization should consider creating a recruitment plan which suits its job needs. It should schedule an interview process after finding the best candidates. A recruitment team in a company should prepare the questions and an interview board should have experts to evaluate the skills of candidates. It is wise to use keyword search tools to save time during the recruitment process. Furthermore, they show ways to separate unqualified candidates for full-time jobs.

6. Using social media platforms wisely

Companies willing to hire permanent employees for a job should post their requirements on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They should create a social media marketing strategy to reach potential candidates in a quick turnaround time.

7. Conducting a phone screening

A company should conduct a phone screening after filtering the job applicants. It is the first step to follow in the recruitment process to know whether a candidate is interested in a job offer or not. The phone screening shouldn’t cross more than 10 minutes and a company should ask some questions to know the qualities of a candidate. An HR manager should schedule a personal interview on a particular date after confirming the details.

8. Organizing a personal interview

An organization should conduct a personal interview after interviewing a candidate by phone. The interview process shouldn’t stretch too long because a candidate may lose interest. A company should decide the questions to ask in a personal interview when it comes to permanent recruitment.

9. Working with a staffing agency

A staffing or recruitment agency will take care of everything when it comes to the permanent recruitment process. The permanent staffing services partner with leading employers and guide them to spot qualified candidates for a job with ease. They make the recruitment process easy in Gulf countries with expert teams to witness peace of mind. In most cases, a staffing service provider will reduce the burden of a company when it wants to recruit permanent employees.

10. Communicating with candidates properly

A company should communicate with candidates properly when it comes to interviews and other things. It should make sure that the job applicants know the requirements and interview process when they want to apply for a position. Communication plays a key role in choosing the best candidates for a job and a company should convey its messages that are readable and understandable to avoid unwanted problems in the recruitment process.

11. Offering a job

An organization should offer a job only after knowing the salary expectations and other things in the recruitment process. This is because some candidates may deny the offer due to some reasons. A company should consider negotiating salary and benefits after working with a recruitment team.

12. Onboarding a new employee

A company should consider implementing an onboarding process for candidates so that they can ensure a positive experience. Moreover, it should focus on new hire paperwork with more attention. Partnering with a staffing agency will handle all paperwork when it comes to contracts and other things.

13. Choosing the right staffing agency

Not all staffing agencies are the same and a company should evaluate them carefully which helps accomplish their goals. Anyone who wants to meet their requirements in permanent recruitment Dubai should consider selecting the best agency after making complete research. A reputed staffing agency will work with the employers to know their needs when they want to hire permanent employees. It even shows ways to find potential candidates for a job in a company by following the best practices in the recruitment process. Employers can share their opinions with an agency when it comes to hiring. However, they should read the reviews of agencies because they help select the right one accordingly. 

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