Using Instagram For Business and Personal Branding


Instagram started as a photo-sharing app but with time it has penetrated the e-commerce market so much so that it has become a vital component of marketing. Big names and organizations use Instagram to grow their business and the social media apps take home a good amount.

Marketing aside, Instagram is also very common for personal branding and promotion celebrities and social media influencers use this platform to upgrade their profiles and to establish a name themselves apart from their current designation. Here are some of the ways that can be used to promote your brand or enhance your profile to create an individual name: Also check wire leafs.

Instagram for Business

Using a Logo

Create a representation of your brand that can be achieved by building a logo. Which is extremely essential because when your business starts getting fame. It will have a unique standing in the market because of its logo. If you are to promote your business on Instagram make sure that the dimensions of a photo are kept in check. Because if the logo won’t fit in the profile picture then it’s of no use.

If you like someone’s logo on the profile pitures and want to make the same logo with some modifications, then you can use to enlarge the Instagram profile pictures and download the profile pictures to have a better understanding of the nitty-gritty.

Include a CTA

If you believe in yourself that you can create a perfect pitch. Will also catch the attention of the end-user then you must not forget to include the CTA which is also known as Call to Action.

In Simpler words, putting a CTA by the ned of your text will help the users to easily click land on your shop. There will be high chances of him buying a product. As your fantastic pitch has forced them to reach your website.

Using a Face

If you are a home-based brand or a small business that is still working to establish its name then a logo might not help until and unless you have a good eye-pleasing picture to capture the attention.

There’s one thing that you should keep in mind before using the profile photo, that is, Instagram allows only thumb-nail-sized DPs and you should make sure that the focus of the DP should be on the product only or on the model who is carrying the product such as shots focused on the face and the product and later cropped to 1:1 aspect ratio will work just fine for the brand.

Instagram for Personal Branding

Choose a Theme

Firstly, choose a theme to make your feed aesthetically pleasing that attracts a major chunk of the crowd. You can choose Instagram’s theme from the filter packs available within the app.

For example, a vintage theme portrays a classy old-times vibe that attracts other users to view your other users due to its pleasing and refreshing colors.

Prep Your Posts

If you are a social media enthusiast who wants to become a celeb on social media. Then you must work on the content you post which includes planning your posts according to the date and time you can also use a scheduling tool to post your content if you are busy elsewhere.

If you are a social media influencer who is collaborating with a brand. Then you need to follow the timeline and guidelines set by the brand that is paying you to promote their product. In that case, scheduling a post helps a lot as it eases your worries. If you are busy somewhere or facing an unexpected low internet connection.

Arrange Your Highlights

The highlights are a game-changer for a budding influencer. As it keeps all the major stories on the top which helps in understanding your personality for other users.

Sorting the highlights by naming them according to the event will make a great portfolio of yours it helps followers to understand the basic genre of your profile. For example, a travel enthusiast should save the highlights according to the countries/places they visit.


Using Insta Zoom for enhancing your business and personal branding is crucial. Because it helps you to take a rough idea from other profiles who are a pro in this field and are working for quite a long time.

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