Unique and amazing products are available for him in combinations or individually

If you want to send gifts to Ahmedabad then this is the perfect place. Oye Gifts provides the best delivery services for the delivery of products that are ordered online to any place in India. If you want to send surprise gifts to your husband then this website provides you with multiple options. Let us explore some of them:

Delicious cake

there are a variety of cakes available on the website. Ranging from the chocolate coating to pineapple and mixed fruits, you can order whichever cake is his favourite. You can surprise him by ordering this delicious cake. There is a new variety of cakes such as the mango cake, the choco coin cake, the glaze cream pineapple cake, etc.

The coffee mug

you can give him the coffee mug that has a tagline, ‘ my dabang husband’. He will be glad to receive this amazing mug. The colour of the coffee mug is white and the inner colour is light blue. The quote upon the coffee mug is written using symbols and emojis, all in black.

The cushion

you can surprise him by gifting a cushion that is customised. It contains the image that you want to be imprinted upon the cushion. This image will be uploaded at the time of placing the order. This is a good way to make the memories alive and gift him something unique.

The men’s essentials

this is a small gift hamper from Park Avenue which is mainly related to grooming. It contains talcum powder, the after shave lotion, the shaving cream, the soap, the brush and face wash. All the products are from Park Avenue. This is a beautiful kit that you can give your husband. He will be glad to receive something essential in daily life.

The coffee mug and cushion

this is a combination of a coffee mug and a cushion that contains the same message upon them. The best husband ever is the line that is quoted in both articles. A moustache is also designed below the message. The coffee mug contains chocolate almonds basically which is a bar of dark chocolate.

The cubical lamp

this is a unique creative lamp with serves two purposes. First, it is used as a table lamp for the night. At second it contains photographs on its edges which glow when the lamp is switched on. This is a wonderful product that takes you through the memory lane making you re-live each moment.

The green tea gift

this is the best gift that you can give to your health-conscious partner. It contains two Lipton green tea packs along with a box of Ferrero rocher chocolates and two dairy milk chocolates. The entire thing is packed inside a box and is tied by a Red ribbon. This is one of the best gifts for people who enjoy green tea in the morning.

The gift set designed for men

it is a set of deodorants from Lomani Pour homme. You can give them this set of three deodorants. This is something that is used daily. Investing money to surprise him with this gift is worth every penny spent.

The personalized mug of bamboo plant

it is a combination of a coffee mug and chocolates. The coffee mug is personalised by the image provided by you. The bamboo plant is planted inside the coffee mug. This is one of the gifts by which you can surprise him.

The delivery of the products will be made within hours of placing the order. It is easy to order gifts online and receive the delivery within the desired time limit.

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