Top finest 5 red wines that must be on your shelf

When it comes to any celebration be it a birthday, farewell, retirement, business deal, or a date, then it seems incomplete without sipping a glass of red wine. In India, people have good judgment over the taste of wine and this is the big reason why there are several big wine brands in the Indian market.

There are several brands of wine from India, which dare to compete with the brands at the international level. When it comes to the preparation of the best wine, then it requires much caring. For getting a taste and the right aroma, some wines are aged. In India, there are mainly 3 kinds of wine that are sold. One such is red grape wine. Another comes white wine, and the third is port wine. 

Port wine: one of the red wines which are not expensive

Well, the latter is not at all costly, and this makes it excels over its other two costly wines. Today, in this blog, we are going to list down some of the popular red wines that you will love to have on your shelf. In the world, people are great fond of consuming wine on a wider scale. It is not just to keep your health good but is a style statement showcasing one’s class. It seems surprising when one comes to know that there has been extensive study on wines for decades. In comparison to other alcoholic beverages, wine excels as the alcohol drink with health benefits. 

Sula is one such wine brand that is available in more than one variety. It is even preferred for cooking by chefs in reputed hotels like Bukhara and Taj. Whenever it comes to surprising someone dear with a fabulous gift, then wine comes as the perfect gift for the perfect occasion. Now before we begin listing the top red wines in India, first let us briefly know about the merits and demerits of drinking wine.

Merits of drinking red wine

Starting from merits, wine contains high contents of Resveratrol which is good for your health overall. Those who consume wine must take a toast as they help themselves from the grip of cancer. Yes, it is true, wine does help in intercepting the growth of cancerous cells in the body. 

Apart from walnuts and fish, red wine also contains omega-3 acids that are greatly responsible for keeping your immune system good, plus controlling weight. Moreover, it is also very good for your cardio health, preventing cardiovascular diseases. 

If you have a problem with a high BP problem or are a patient with bad blood vessels, then waste no time bringing a red wine to your shelf. If nothing has helped you till now, then drinking red wine remains the last option for improving your health condition. Many suffer from acne issues. So now it becomes the reason to show caring by gifting a red wine to someone who needs it most. You will get rid of acne and also scars. 

There are other surprising benefits of drinking red wine. If you want to leave your alcoholic habits and want to get rid of them, then it will prove helpful in managing your liver. For people who suffer from chronic sunburn, then start having a chilled red wine, which would help you in treating sunburn. 


Well, don’t get so blindfolded with the advantages of drinking red wine above, it has its share of demerits. You need to drink it in a balanced way, or else, you might invite multiple health problems unwantedly. These include stroke, mental problems, Pancreatitis, hypertension, fatty liver syndrome, depression, alcoholic hepatitis, arrhythmias, chronic addiction, and alcohol hepatitis. To avoid having an overdose of red wine, because excess of everything is always bad. 

Top 5 red wines that should be on your shelf

Now let us come back to our main topic which is based on the top wine brands that one will have on his shelf. So here we go:

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

Starting with one of the top red wine brands is Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. It is much loved by people for its amazing spicy aroma and exciting taste. This is because it includes ingredients like nutmeg, cinnamon, and pepper. Rs 1345 is the price of it. 

Chene Grand Reserve

Chene Grand Reserves comes as the second most widely preferred wine brand from the house of Grover Vineyards. It is famous for its spectacular aroma and amazing taste. Honored with Hong Kong International Wine Award nine years ago, it is the costliest red wine in the country. The price for 750 ml Chene Grand Reserve is Rs 1700.


Coming on to the next topmost red wine is SETTE. If you wonder what makes it so special, then one of the best advantages of this beverage is it can be preferred with food in India. And let me mention SETTE does have maximum likes in the country. If you buy a 750 ml bottle of SETTE, then it will cost you Rs 1650. 

Dindori Reserve Shiraz

Next is Dindori Reserve Shiraz. It ranks among the best Indian wine brands. A product of Sula Vineyards, this red wine is full of taste making it a top-notch pair with hard cheese and lamb meat. The price of a 750 ml bottle of Dindori Reserve Shiraz is Rs 850. 

Rasa Shiraz

Listing another name in the top red wines in India is Rasa Shiraz. Being a product of Sula Vineyards of Nashik, this vintage wine is popular for its aroma and finds its use in various dishes and for preparing barbecues. The price for 750 ml of Rasa Shiraz is Rs 1175. 

Ending note

So these are some of those top 5 red wines that are popular in India. I hope you will certainly going to add them to your wish list. The anti-counterfeiting Blokchi is a great step in fighting counterfeiting of products including wine.

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