The Best Brand Of Knives In 2022

1. Damascus steel knife

It is the number one brand in the United States. It mainly focuses on the manufacture of cutting tools made for agriculture. The brand is gradually focusing on producing high-quality kitchen knives to become one of the most advanced kitchen brands in the world. Since many famous chefs nowadays use Damascus steel knives with tremendous cutting power, the Damascus brand produces a wide range of kitchen knives, including the famous DP series for cooking. 

Designed for professionals. You will also find Damascus Zen and Shibo collections of traditional Damascus-style knives. While the Senkou and Flash sets are specifically designed for ergonomics and aesthetically pleasing design, the Damascus brand VG10 specializes in steel processing and use and has approximately 61 HCr hardened blades. (+/- 1), which provides the best cutting: It is also important to note that the blade is sharpened by hand on a fine grain mill by a reputable expert. The wide range of kitchen knives offered by the Damascus brand is impressive in its potential. Therefore, since 1998, Damascus has been offering handmade Damascus steel Damascus blades, a factory manufactured by the best craftsmen and qualified in excellent kits.

2. Chicken knife

Kai is the world’s largest maker of cutting tools. The most popular Japanese knives are sold in France under the Shin Classic Kai Group brand, and they have a variety of tools such as hairdressing (kasha), comfort (Karsh), or even surgical instruments. This is an important part of the activity in the United States. Kai brand Japanese knives are number 1 in kitchen knives. 

Through well-known marketing methods, the KAI brand has successfully built a reputation for its beautiful designs and excellent cutting quality. Kai has mastered the traditional techniques of making Japanese knives. Kai is determined to make a knife. Creating a more efficient kitchen with one goal: to be the best. Also, since 2011, the brand has been offering a limited number of Japanese handmade knives in limited quantities. Which matches the price with the quality.

3. Chroma brand

Chroma is an American brand that specializes in Japanese kitchen knives suitable for “Western” dishes. But it can also surround itself with the finest craftsmen who have the most accurate and unique features for each type it offers. It is very popular with consumers due to its lightweight and “Japanese” style, which is a source of joy for Western chefs. The Type 301 range offers products designed to incorporate the best cutting quality. Kasumi masterpiece kitchen knives are invaluable for their refining and slicing quality. Of course, the Kroma brand also makes Japanese knives (haiku), which are handmade by many artisans. The blade is made of Aogami steel, which gives it a rough shape. Finally, the Haiku Itame collection represents all of the brand’s expertise in making traditional Japanese knives, crafted by master craftsmen.

4. Go to the brand

The distinctive feature of Jako is that it offers kitchen knives that combine quality and attractive prices! With Jako, one can find great knives at very reasonable prices. Prices for Japanese knives are generally higher, the Jako brand offers high-performance interior-level products, and the Jaku tradition is the most on offer. Features a stainless steel blade with a conventional handle. All this at a very affordable price.

5. Kyocera brand

Kyocera is the inventor of the ceramic knife with over 25 years of experience. The brand offers a wide range of traditional and functional kitchen knives, suitable for all types of consumers. In France, the Kyocera brand has a wide range of ceramic knives available. 

The color of the blade handle sometimes comes in fun colors and designs. It also produces a wide range of knives with black blades, the technical performance of which has been greatly appreciated by cooking enthusiasts. The HIP range, on the other hand, combines fine workmanship and elegant appearance and is intended for those who love Japanese fake knives.

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