Rockspace AC750 Extender Connected to Router but No internet? Fix It!

The Rockspace AC750 Extender is a network extender that operates on the AC band in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. With an AC750 extender, you can get better wireless coverage to previously unreachable or dead zones in your home as well as improve the speed of Wi-Fi. In addition, this extender also has a phenomenal wireless range and you gain two wireless bands to work with. The 2.4GHz band is perfect for activities that require a lot of bandwidth such as video streaming and high-quality gaming. While at the same time the 5GHz band is well-suited for more bandwidth-limited activities such as web surfing and email. The addition of an AC750 extender to your network is a simple way of improving your wireless home network!

Moreover, Rockspace AC750 WiFi extender is especially useful if you have an older router that is unable to reach all areas of your home or workplace with optimal Wi-Fi. The AC750 extender takes the Wi-Fi connection from your router and then broadcasts it, using its own wireless transmitter. if you wish to enjoy the WIFi signals for a long time, then you always do a Rockspace ac750 firmware update. After that, enjoy full-speed WiFi network connectivity.

What will the reasons Rockspace AC750 Extender Connect to Router but No internet?

The following are the causes of a Rockspace AC750 WiFi extender connection failure:

Incorrect wifi settings: 

You should match the wireless extender settings to the Wi-Fi router setup. If you do not make the proper settings, your extender will not connect to the internet.

Connection failure due to distance:

Adjust the distance between the AC750 wireless extenders to get the router signal. This is because greater distance between devices results in a weak connection. To ensure that you receive the Wi-Fi signal, try to put your extender at the proper distance.

High traffic devices sharing the same network: 

Make sure you have other devices that create a lot of network traffic. You may then relocate or connect this device to the Wi-Fi extender’s range, or connect it straight to the wifi router for long-range use of an Ethernet cable.

Interruptions from outside sources:

External gadgets or external waves in your building may occasionally disrupt your Extender’s Wi-Fi connection. These disruptions may cause the connection between the Wi-Fi extender and internet to be disrupted. The major culprits of this problem include Bluetooth devices, neighbouring wireless networks, 2.4GHz cordless telephones, microwave ovens, and baby monitors.

Misconfigured firmware of Rockspace AC750 Extender: 

An outdated Wi-Fi extender may fail to connect to your AC750 Wi-Fi extender. The upgraded Wi-Fi extender configuration does not match the older router setups. To resolve this issue, try upgrading your extender to the most recent router version.

Best Solutions: Rockspace AC750 Extender Connected to Router but No internet

Here are the solutions for the Rockspace AC750 extender connected to the router but no internet.

Examine Your Router and Modem 

Oh my goodness! What should I do if I have WiFi but no internet? Relax! The internet may be unavailable due to technical difficulties with your router. Furthermore, any problem with the WiFi adapter’s driver may result in a no internet access error. So, restart your home WiFi router and modem and attempt connecting to the internet again.

Correctly configure your Rockspace AC750 Extender

Another explanation for the can connect to WiFi but no internet; issue is an incomplete or partial Rockspace WiFi extender setup.

Perhaps you have a sluggish internet connection, an incorrectly placed extender, or wrong login credentials – all of these difficulties bring you to the incomplete extender setup. As a result, you notice your device will connect to WiFi but has no internet access. As a result, check certain that your wireless range extender will correctly install and configure. You may also get assistance from our professionals while setting up your extender.

Update the Firmware on Your Rockspace Extender

If nothing else works to address the connection to WiFi but no internet connection issue, consider changing the firmware on extender. Your internet connection will disturb if you have old firmware. As a result, ensure that your extender is running the most recent firmware version. If not, upgrade the firmware on your WiFi extender using the IP address. So, those were some of the tried-and-true solutions to the problem. 

Disable Your Antivirus

Antivirus software might sometimes be the source of a device’s inability to connect to the internet. Turn off your antivirus software and see whether you have internet connectivity. If the connection will connect to WiFi but no internet connection; problem persists after removing antivirus software, proceed to the aforementioned troubleshooting hack.

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