Pune, The Lively City of Work, Passion, And Pleasure 

Mumbai immediately conjures up images of the metropolitan area of dreams, where one may realize their ambitions in a fast-paced environment. Pune, considerable distance away, is referred to as the town of passion. Pune has been the new Goa since orange is really the new black. 

Pune provides you with a regular work schedule, enjoyable hobbies, and a lot of love. The statistics show that kids make up 60% of something like the population of this city, and they are undoubtedly striving in every possible way to enhance their life. Reduced traffic, and pollution, plus positive energy. What more is required? 

Pune makes the place more pleasant with its selection of supermarkets, amusement parks, restaurants, hotels, and late-night party venues. So, when in Pune,book a room in Pune JW Marriott as one of the best places to stay as well as spend time with those you love. Pune has been one of the safest cities in the country and among the nicest places to live. It is also one of the fastest expanding and rising cities throughout the younger generation of metropolitan areas and boasts a commendable range of bars, cafes, lounges, plus restaurants. Mi-A-Mi, which is located within Marriott property, has been recognized for being one of Asia’s top nightclubs for partying. 

Here are a few arguments to pick Pune over Mumbai if you want to enjoy a fantastic, fun-filled vacation: 

Optimistic weather: 

when it’s too dreary and exhausting to engage in tourist activities in a city because of the weather. Here’s what living in Mumbai is like; it isn’t horrible, but it does use up all the strength and deplete it, particularly during the day. Well with the weather throughout Pune, such is not the scenario. Pune’s weather is similar to Bangalore’s being that it doesn’t get too much sun (except from for two brief months during April and May), generally windy yet pleasant for the majority of the time, and only seldom rains.

Extremely clean & green: 

We have to acknowledge that Mumbai used to be lot greener than it does now, but tragically, all the trees are also being cut down as well as the metropolis is only experiencing growth in real estate. Contrarily, Pune has made considerable progress of maintaining its cleanliness and vegetation, and it appears to be a tourist destination where one can go and spend some time in quiet rather than merely hear constant honking. Pune even has better sewage control because of its lower population, which isn’t the scenario in Mumbai. 

There is not much traffic: 

One may directly access Delhi by flight within the same length of time it takes to travel from either the Sobo towards the suburbs within Mumbai. It’s ridiculous, as well as the monsoon only makes it even worse; majority Mumbaikars spend much of their time commuting from place A to place B in their automobiles, and indeed the population seems to be the main cause of this. Traveling becomes simplified and more enjoyable since people may arrive on time as well as spend all of their time more productively than sitting in traffic, even when they are only visiting for 3-4 days. Pune is indeed a smaller city with excellent traffic management and time management. 

The incredible variety of food:

Pune is the home to a wide variety of cuisines and, needless to say, the city is a jack of all crafts. In Pune, you may find high-end restaurants serving not just Maharashtrian food and yet also Chinese, popular Parsi, Italian, and Tibetan cuisine. Additionally, they all taste excellent. For meat lovers, it can also be a utopia because of the incredible taste and variety available. The most significant factor is that, although it may hurt some people’s wallets, food isn’t as costly when compared to Mumbai. Pune offers a wide range of cuisine and other specialties at reasonable prices.

Party scenes:

Pune definitely provides the greatest nightlife. No debates on that, either. Although it lacks some of Mumbai’s glitz, these individuals have now learned how to create your evening, and it really is a ton of fun. Just like in Goa, which hosts Sunburn, Pune also holds a number of music events, and popular singing sensations such as Enrique, Akon, as well as other artists have performed in Pune. In addition, it has been hosting EDM performances, which are popular right now. People travel to Pune to experience its nightlife from various adjacent cities. 

less expensive way of life 

Decreased cost of living 

It’s not simple to establish as well as maintain a livelihood in Mumbai, and that can be especially challenging for someone who has moved there for a while and relies solely on their salary to pay for rent, everyday meals, travel, as well as other extracurricular activities. Pune, in contrast hand, provides the same services but has a lower cost of living. Whenever someone is just visiting, Pune really is so much more affordable than Mumbai for the majority of people. 

Whenever someone is just visiting, Pune really is so much more affordable than Mumbai for the majority of people.  

Surrounded by far-flung locales 

Individuals from Mumbai additionally make it a practice to visit easily accessible places including Lonavala, Matheran, Khandala, as well as Mahabaleshwar to mention a few. These places are all stunningly gorgeous and can all be reached from Pune. Therefore, it is simpler to go from Pune to any of these places and enjoy the majority of your time there as opposed to at the destination. 

Even though there will never be an end to the “Pune versus Mumbai” dispute, both cities hold Maharashtra’s honor. Pune and Mumbai share more similarities than differences. 

Pune seems to be the land of work, passion, as well as pleasure – each one of them equally important and unable to be disregarded. Mumbai is indeed the city of glamour in many aspects. It is difficult to stay much further away from the city after you have explored and comprehended it.

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