New cool slots for those who want to earn extra money

The gambling industry is developing very quickly, online casinos are attracting more and more customers, so software developers are constantly releasing new releases. Modern slots are colorful, bright graphics, animation effects, non-standard plots, a variety of bonus and prize features. In addition to ultra-modern novelties, in the catalogs, you can find familiar classics in modern design.

New emulators will appeal to both professional gamblers and those who are just starting to get acquainted with the world of gambling. The most diverse collection of newly created video slots can be found at Parimatch Casino. All games from popular studios are available in free mode and with real bets.

Genres and plots of new video slots

For new products to be remembered and loved by users, providers use original genres and non-standard plots. The novelties will introduce gamblers to the following topics:

  • Real popular characters. In recent years, many films have been devoted to this topic, and the creators of gaming software have picked it up as well. For example, gamblers who are fond of scientific discoveries and mysticism can launch the top slot Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine.
  • Mysticism and fantasy. This is a genre that at all times arouses interest and is actively developing. Modern graphics, animation, and soundtracks ensure the realism of the game. On the reels, users will see gnomes, fairies, unicorns, and other classic characters, as well as new monsters, and mutants.
  • Animals. Such slot machines will appeal to all nature lovers. They are dedicated to wild, domestic animals, underwater inhabitants, and birds. The best animal slots in a modern design are presented on the page
  • Historical. Developers have not forgotten about gamblers who like to dive into different eras. In recent years, many slots have been released with ancient Egyptian, Roman, and Victorian themes.
  • Plots of films and books. Today in casino catalogs you can find slot machines based on the plots of cult movies and popular books. One of the brightest representatives of such slots is Game of Thrones.

Providers also delight fans of old-school devices. By relaunching the improved versions in HTML5, they provide the ability to run the classic not only on a desktop but also on a mobile device.

Mechanics and features of new slots

Ultra-modern novelties are distinguished not only by their original theme but also by their non-standard structure and interesting functions. One popular option is cascading reels. When drawing up a winning line, the symbols that have played disappear from the cells, and new ones fall in their place. This greatly increases the chances of winning. The developers endow the wild symbol with special features. In the new slots, you can find random and stacked wilds. In the first case, the Wild symbol randomly appears on the reels and becomes a pleasant surprise for the player. The advantage of stacked symbols is that they completely occupy the reel.

Another interesting feature of modern slots is pushing the reels. After the next rotation, one or more reels are shifted by one cell. Non-standard bonus levels are also created, which makes the game more interesting and profitable.

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