What are the importance and use of mug shipping boxes?

Suppose you plan to purchase new coffee mugs for yourself or as holiday gifts. You will want to ensure you have the correct shipping and customs mug boxes to guarantee that mug arrives in perfect condition.

It is usual for mugs to knock against one another during transit; without adequate shipping, they will break and leave you with a collection of useless broken bits. Today will go through some of the most important considerations when placing an order for custom mug shipping boxes.

1.   Purpose: 

You must first consider why you require a mug shipping packaging boxes for your mug. For example, simple packaging would suffice if you are moving to a new place and want to keep your cups secure during the shift. However, if you are thinking about sending a cup as a present, you should pick the correct “mug shipping boxes” designs and have your ideas written on them.

2. Value:

Coffee mug packaging boxes come in various shapes and sizes. Each design is meticulously crafted to provide specific protection for the cups. The price of variously designed packaging boxes varies. When placing an order, make sure you know the pricing rates for various mug box designs to prevent overpaying or underpaying for favoured designs.

Why are custom mug packaging boxes a good option?

Sturdy corrugated cardboard shipping boxes are trendy. A rigid packaging, made of three-hundred and fifty-gsm cardboard with c or e flute deformation on the inside, can hold your cup and assure its safety during transit.

You can get ultra-high-quality bespoke printing on your custom printed mug boxes using printing. In addition, the customers have the option of matte or gloss lamination at no additional cost, and shippers will deliver your packages to your doorstep at no extra cost.

How do you pack mugs for a move?

Mugs are among the most commonly used kitchen objects in the home, especially coffee and tea mugs. So there’s a satisfactory possibility you have a favourite coffee or tea mug, or possibly more than one. What’s more, why would not you? Essentially, your day begins with your cup, as it is one of the first elements you see when you wake up.

The sad fact is that mugs are usually typically made of porcelain. As a result, they are delicate and readily breakable. Cups may appear solid and almost unbreakable, but this is far from the case. As a result, when the time arrives for you to shift out, you will need to pay particular attention to ensuring that your mugs are well preserved until they get to their final destination – the new place’s kitchen.

Continue reading to find out how to load mugs for relocating.

Organise your mugs.

The first step in packing mugs with custom-designed mug boxes for a move is to make sure you are only bringing the ones you love and plan to use in your new house. Do not move dead weight, such as mugs that will be packed and moved just to be shoved into a kitchen cupboard and never used. Consider this: any household things you bring to your new home and do not utilise after the relocation are a waste of money.

Obtain the essential packaging materials.

1.       Because it is impossible to safeguard your mugs instead of using the correct custom mug shipping boxes. Every next step is to gather the resources you will have to package your cute mug boxes for a transfer.

1.       Boxes made of cardboard: If possible, prepare dish bags, which are special heavy-duty packaging. These boxes are composed of thicker paper and will better protect your breakables. If not, regular medium classified into the following should do as long as the packing instructions outlined below are followed.

2.       Paper for wrapping presents: Here, you have two choices: Use soft white wrapping paper, which is recommended for mug gift boxes wholesale. Or use more challenging brown kraft paper, which is not recommended or perfectly fine. Just get more packing material than you think you will need because it is the primary packing material for moving cups.

2.  It is wrapped with bubble wrap: Use plastic wrap to cover the mugs you like. Newspapers are printed daily, and it is optional. To protect any empty spaces, you can use newspapers. Why? Print media is almost entirely free.

3.       Tape for packing: It is acceptable to use a standard roll of packing tape.4.       Markers: After you have packed the mug shipping boxes, get one black and one red marker ready to label them.

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