5 most popular restaurants for hi-tea in Lahore

Lahore is the city of gourmets. The city has become an important place to satisfy your food cravings. If you’re interested in making a meal of tea treats, several restaurants and cafes offer perfectly portioned afternoon tea platters. Click here to see the Best Restaurants in Lahore for Birthday.

If you want a relaxing afternoon tea while enjoying excellent snacks, here are some of the best restaurants and cafes in Lahore known for their unparalleled hi-tea quality.

1- Cafe Barbara

 Café Barbera features a delicious Instagram-worthy platter for two, served with refreshing mint margaritas and a choice of tea or green tea. Therefore, The platter includes everything from bakery items to desserts, the platter has everything to color your day. While this Italian restaurant in Lahore is most famous for its breakfast, its tea menu is also gaining popularity.

2- Tenerife Cafe

Located on Main Gulberg, this place is ideal for your Instagram gallery. It has a delectable variety of food items including desserts, main courses, mini burgers, and much more. Therefore, And don’t forget the choice of tea, cappuccino or soft drink. This dish is perfect for two people.

3- Veranda Bistro

The delicious hi-tea dish warms the soul and delights your taste buds with the best taste in town. Therefore, Put that never-ending diet on hold for the weekend and enjoy the ultimate taste of Veranda Bistro.

4- Freddy’s Cafe

The multi-cuisine Freddy’s Café is known for its extensive continental and traditional menu.

5- There Cheenic

This restaurant offers a wide variety of Pakistani and Middle Eastern dishes. This is a great place for hi-tea if you prefer desi and continental food. Speaking of his hi-tea platter, Daar Cheeni offers an unforgettable experience. The platter consists of desserts, salad, mushrooms, main course, tea, coffee, and green tea. This beautiful place along with its pleasant taste will thrill you to visit this place at least once.

Continental Food consists of European, American, and Australian cuisines, including bakes, grills, stews, pasta, and barbecue. Continental foods include Italian herbs, garlic, and herbs such as rosemary, oregano, and thyme. So, if you opt for a healthy meal, Giramondo will allow you to get the delicious continental meals from the best continental restaurants in Lahore and have them delivered to your preferred place anywhere in Lahore.

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