lazio it covid19jewkesreuters

Lazio, a province in central Italy, has become the latest epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. The province has seen a surge in cases, with over 1,000 new infections reported in the past week. Hospitals in the area are struggling to cope with the influx of patients, and the death toll is rising. With the province now in lockdown, residents are facing a difficult situation. lazio it covid19jewkesreuters

Lazio is the latest Italian region to be hit by a growing outbreak of the new coronavirus, with authorities on Tuesday ordering schools and businesses to close and banning public gatherings. lazio it covid19jewkesreuters

The move came as the number of confirmed cases in Italy rose to 3,089, the highest number outside China, where the virus originated late last year. lazio it covid19jewkesreuters

Lazio, which includes the capital Rome, has so far reported 85 confirmed cases of the virus and two deaths.

Lazio, Italy has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Jewkes of Reuters has written an article about the effects of the virus on the small town. The article discusses how the virus has decimated the town’s population and left its economy in shambles. Jewkes paints a picture of a once thriving community that is now struggling to survive.

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