Facebook for Local Businesses: Must-Know Trends to Jumpstart Your 2023

Digital marketing is the future of today’s global economy. As consumers nowadays prefer to shop within the comfort of their homes, having a decent virtual presence on major social media platforms is a crucial business opportunity.

Facebook is among the social media channels with the most relevant audience for budding enterprises. It offers the best deals and advantages. With almost 3 billion people globally using this media platform, having a page that advertises your content, products, and services, opens your business to a whole new level of market reach.

However, to fully maximize your industry influence in the said platform, you must understand how it works. We begin by examining the current digital trends in the platform, which can easily be achieved by hiring a company that specializes in localized SEO in Burlington.

Additionally, Facebook also offers an arsenal of marketing tools to any aspiring business owner, with most of it free of charge. How can you jumpstart your local business on Facebook this coming year? Here are some basic SEO trends that you can look out for and follow for this year:

  • Facebook Story

Used by most accounts today to capture momentary highlights of their day, Facebook stories are clipped pictures and videos that are easily manufactured and consumed. Often discussing events that are happening in real-time, this type of social media post can increase the interest of its audience right away because of its relevance; upgrading it to a newsfeed of sorts.

As a business, you can use this feature to your advantage by creating a business account and posting stories about your brand’s products, content, services, and ads. The only downside though is the story will only last for 24 hours.

Utilize Facebook stories as a teaser of sorts before you post your main ad content.

It’s also perfectly compatible with quick mobile browsing, allowing you to reach a wider audience. If you sell dust collector cartridges in Canada, don’t miss out and create relevant Facebook stories. Post about updates in the industry, new products, or some safety tips.

  • Facebook Live 

As the name suggests, this feature allows any account to go live and share their video spontaneously on Facebook’s main page. Since your business is a public account, it will be able to reach a multitude of viewers.

However, one of the disadvantages is that for you to transmit high-quality graphics you have to invest in a fast Internet connection. Aside from that, the Facebook Live feature allows you to better interact with your audiences, making it a more personal platform and a close-contact engagement.

Similar to stories, Live offers a sense of credibility to audiences since it’s happening in real-time. If you’re a company specializing in, say, labels in Toronto, you can better connect with your local audience by routinely interacting with them through Live. Record your label-making process from start to finish or your collection of some of your best works.

  • Videos

Compared to traditional ads in still picture form, videos can offer a multi-sensory experience to audiences; fully immersing them in your company’s services, products, and brand.

If you hire an expert company specializing in SEO in Burlington or wherever you’re located, they’ll be able to offer you a variety of video formats. Vlogs are more personal, allowing you to have a closer rapport with your audiences.

However, for this medium to work effectively, it needs to be done with finesse and using high-quality filming techniques. It should also convey a clear line of thought.

  • Chatbots

Artificial intelligence is now mostly embedded in our daily lives. Facebook is not exempted from it, as it uses chatbots and algorithms to offer the best services to its users. Chatbots can easily be integrated into your Facebook page.

Doing so can help you cater to every customer’s queries and needs 24/7 by having an A.I. reply standardized responses to certain FAQs. Having a chatbot also allows you to keep your customer’s attention until you can personally get back to them and give them more information. It also shows customers that you are constantly innovating and always prepared to offer them good customer service.

  • Paid Ads

Facebook ads are usually free of charge since you can just post the promotional content of your brand right away to entice people. However, if you want to reach a wider audience, you can always subscribe to the paid ad packages on Facebook.

Once you avail them, their effects can be long-lasting since it shows your content to your targeted audience depending on your locality, products, and services. Investing in these ads is also a perfect way to boost your local reach since Facebook’s algorithm will purposefully show your content to them.

  • Tracking of Purchase Journey

Mapping out the customer’s purchase journey in the digital world is a crucial step in online marketing. Facebook allows you to do this, since it has features and tools that help you track the average customer’s journey inside your page, allowing you to better upgrade pages that need it. It can track specific touch points such as reviews, posts, and ads that have encouraged them to make a purchase.

  • Page Customization

Similar to how you will decorate your physical store in the real world, customizing your Facebook page in the virtual market is important as well. The way you customize settings, profiles, pictures and content will allow you to personalize your brand, allowing you to show your customers what you are ready to offer.

Facebook allows you to customize your page with its wide array of tools and features that give you the ability to reassemble, rearrange, and add elements.

Through Facebook, any local business will be able to successfully launch its brand with a meagre budget. Facebook also offers affordable ad packages that will help increase your content’s exposure significantly, which increases the chances for conversion.

Before you delve deep into paid SEO from Burlington, take advantage of these trends, which will help boost brand recognition over your competitors. These trends just show that Facebook in today’s world is integral to the success of your local business.

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