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eClinicalWorks vs DrChrono: Review Analysis 2022

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are essential to how healthcare professionals store patient information, deliver care, and handle finances. The advantages of EMR software are not only confined to providing high-quality patient care, but the system offers much more. Scroll down to read a competitive analysis of two EMR systems, DrChrono vs eClinicalWorks EMR. The purpose is to assist potential customers in making the best choice for their organization.  

What is eClinicalWorks EMR        

eClinicalWorks is a well-known EHR system. It offers solutions for clinical recording, practice administration, patient interaction, and more. The application serves about one million medical professionals globally. Additionally, it is used by medical practices to assist duties including:  

Scheduling, revenue management, and data analytics.  

eClinical EMR provides medical charting and documentation. The ultimate goal is to overcome the necessity of handwritten paperwork. As a result, it allows healthcare companies to improve the standard of care they provide and their financial performance.  

Key Features of eClinicalWorks EMR  


This tool allows you to add new patients, check up on existing patients, seek schedules, and administer appointment inquiries. Adding to that, you can also manage the planning of resources and specialized equipment for clinicians, including:  

Doctors, nurses, and other professionals.  

Hospital Interoperability  

The software allows you to share data between various clinics and departments of a hospital. Moreover, this specific EHR enables connectivity with any RIS system and radiology vendor that supports HL7 messaging. The feature boosts the health of the population.  


This feature of the application allows patients to make online appointments. They can schedule appointments with their clinicians from their homes and offices. Additionally, providers and patients can speak with doctors worldwide.  

ECW eClinicalWorks Software Demo  

You can request a software demo on the company’s official website. It enables potential customers to get an exact idea of how the system works. Then, all you have to do is fill out an online form on their website. The sales team will contact you as soon as a request is made.  

EClinicalWorks EMR Pricing  

The software offers three packages to the users as per their needs. None of the packages charged any additional startup cost to the clients. The following are the packages:  

1. EHR Only  

The pricing quotation for this plan is $449 per provider a month. It includes the following features:  

eClinicalMessenger, document/referral management, patient portal, and more.   

2. EHR with Practice Management  

The package costs $599 per provider a month. It offers all of the features included in the EHR Only plan and the following:  

Practice management (PM) and billing implementation services.  

3. RCM as a Service  

There is no transparent pricing for this package. It does not charge the clients a fixed amount. However, it does ask you to pay 2.9% of the revenue generated from your practice collections. The plan offers the following features:  

Preventative claim edits, billing rules, appeals at all levels, and more.           

eClinicalWorks EHR Reviews  

The software has reasonable user satisfaction with an average rating of 68% per the reviews from three reliable software review website options. Moreover, the system has a positive rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars on G2 and 3.4 on Software Advice.   

What is DrChrono EHR?  

DrChrono EHR offers an integrated solution for businesses, including modest ambulatory clinics, major hospitals, and corporations. The software has access to over 40,000 labs. It offers organizations to handle every facet of patient intake. Additionally, it allows you to streamline daily operations to provide high-quality healthcare.  

Adding to that, you can download all the features. The software has it all. For example, it allows you to do virtual consultations and send patients automated communications. Also, the patients can schedule online doctor appointments, participate in talks, and electronically sign consent forms in real time.  

Key Features of DrChrono EHR  


The system allows doctors to send one or more prescription orders electronically. This also includes those prohibited medications to a pharmacy. Moreover, they can also automatically check for possible drug combinations before the prescriptions are distributed. 

Medical Billing

The software allows you to control costs by decreasing the number of data entry steps, direct billing, and validating insurance at the time of care. Moreover, pre-populated billing codes will help you bill accurately, save time, and get paid more quickly.  

Integrated Telemedicine  

This feature offers you services such as video consultations and patient scheduling. Moreover, patients can access television by using the healthcare providers’ link. The system also provides consent documents for patients to sign and return electronically.  

DrChrono Software Demo  

You can request the company for a software demo on their official website. The demo helps users to understand the software in a better way. The organization asks you to fill in an online form, and their sales team contacts you timely.   

DrChrono EMR Pricing  

The software has four pricing plans. However, it does not provide a transparent pricing quotation for any plans. You will have to request the company to share the pricing quotation per your needs. The following are the packages:  

1. Prometheus  

The package provides EHR and practices management services. You can plan appointments, issue reminders, and use free-draw tools for basic scheduling and clinical functions.  

2. Hippocrates  

The plan offers advanced EHR and practices management solutions. In addition, the package offers the following:  

Insurance eligibility checks, lab linkages, e-prescribing, and more.  

3. Apollo  

This package provides EHR, practice management, and medical billing services. It enables users to bill through the system and integrate our all-in-one EHR and Practice Management with a spectrum of billing solutions.  

4. Apollo Plus  

In addition to the EHR and practice management services, the plan also offers revenue cycle management services. It allows you to concentrate on your patients rather than the payments.   

DrChrono EHR Reviews  

The software has excellent user satisfaction, with an average positive rating of 82% as per the reviews from 2 credible software review websites. In addition, it has a favorable rating of 42 out of 5 stars on G2 and 4.1 on Software Advice. 

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