Cricket Betting: Tips to win and earn

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. The sport is the source of livelihood for many people. There is a section of people who loves to involve in Cricket betting. However, betting is not as simple as it may sound. There are a lot of factors and other things which have to be kept in mind before getting involved in betting. We will look at all also those factors and other information that will help you succeed in cricket online betting.

Getting Started

The most common and legal way to bet on Cricket is through a bookmaker which can be done online. The first step involves finding a good website and creating an account. After creating the account, money has to be deposited in the account to place the bets. Cards and wallets can be used to deposit in the account. The next step involves placing bets after logging into your account.

All the matches will be displayed on which the bets can be placed. When you select a match to bet, a bet slip will be generated. After confirming the bet money will be deducted from the account and the bet will be placed. 

Weather Conditions

The weather has a great impact on the outcome of any cricket match. Rain before or during the match changes the match scenario. A wet outfield gives an advantage to bowlers as the ball gets slow. So the team with good bowlers will benefit from it. Dew is another game-changing factor. It gives an advantage to the batting team as bowlers find it difficult to maintain line and length with a wet ball.

Pitch Report

Every ground has a different pitch all over the world. The subcontinent pitches are flat and batsman-friendly. They also provide more assistance to spinners. While the pitches in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa are fast and bouncy. They assist fast bowlers.

Betting Odds

Knowing about the betting odds helps in placing the bets effectively. Every cricket match has betting odds which tell about the probability of a team winning the match. It is important to look for the best betting odds by visiting various websites and doing market research.

Betting Types

Understanding various types of bets will help in making the right choice. The most common bet type is the Match winner where one needs to predict the winner of the match. Top batsman or bowler is the bet type in which we have to bet on the best batsman or bowler at the end of the innings. There is another bet on the toss winner which takes place at the start of the match. The most common bet type is the man-of-the-match prediction.

Game Research

It is good to practice knowledge about the game before starting to bet. Getting familiar with the rules and regulations of the game will help you understand the game better. There are different tournaments and leagues around different parts of the world. Understand the different formats of the game which are being played. Keep yourself updated with the latest news in the cricket world.

Team and Players

Cricket is a team sport involving different players with different roles. Analyzing the player’s statistics will help in knowing about the teams better. Looking at the team records and players’ performances will help make the right choice.

Selecting the Right Platform

There are a lot of bookmaker websites that provide facilities to bet on Cricket matches. It is important to choose the best website according to your needs and budget. Read the reviews about the website and decide if it’s worth investing in. Different bookmakers provide a welcome bonus when you join them. Be wise and select the websites which provide the best welcome bonus.

Being Responsible

Always make sure that you don’t get addicted to betting. Be aware of your budget and understand your responsibilities. Never bet all your money on a single match. Instead, be patient and start slow. Once you start to understand the process then you can increase your bets gradually. Consumption of alcohol or any other drugs should not be done while placing your bets.


How long will it take to withdraw money from the bookmaker website?

It depends on the method chosen by the user to get the money deposited. E-Wallets are the fastest transfer method and may take up to 24 hours for the money to be reflected in the account. Users of various cards will take 1 to 5 working to get the money. Bank transfers are the slowest and take more than 5 days to get the money. Various bookmakers have different threshold times and it varies for different websites.

Who can do cricket betting online?

Various countries have different laws and regulations regarding cricket betting. However, one of the most common requirements is that the user should be above 18 years of age. Other terms and conditions regarding betting can be checked on the websites.

Is it legal to involve in Cricket betting online?

Many countries allow Cricket betting online. However, there are countries where betting is illegal. As far as India is concerned, Cricket betting is legal in India. Certain conditions have to be followed while betting. One of the conditions is that the betting website should be based out of India. The other condition is that the betting website must accept payment in Indian Rupees. If these conditions are met then one can do Cricket betting online. There are various reliable betting websites to place your bets online.

What is a dead heat in Cricket betting?

Dead heat refers to a situation when there is more than one winner of the bet. For instance, we have placed a bet on the most wickets by a bowler in the match. If two bowlers take the same number of wickets then this situation refers to a dead heat. When dead heat happens then the winning amount of the bet gets half.


With the advent of the Indian Premier League, Big Bash, and other T20 cricket tournaments there has been a tremendous rise in Cricket betting. A lot of people are investing their time and money in cricket betting. Although betting may help you to earn money but still, it should not be overdone. Do it for fun and enjoy. Play safe and invest wisely.

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