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Choosing Bongs Online vs. Others to Smoke Weed

Smoking is a highly popular method of cannabis consumption. Nevertheless, inhalation of smoke is also a health concern. Despite the medical benefits of cannabis, smoking can still harm the health of smokers in the long run. Nevertheless, vaping has evolved as one of the methods to help smokers gradually quit smoking. Additionally, there are pros and cons of using smoking devices to smoke cannabis. You can smoke weed from a range of devices, ranging from bongs online to vaporizers, pipes and bubblers. 

Besides, you can also conveniently buy smoking devices and accessories from online smoke shops, such as Shop Rite. In this post, we shall discuss with you the types of devices you can use to smoke cannabis, plus their pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Bongs & Other Smoking Devices

Here are the devices that smokers use to smoke weed alongside their pros and cons:


Bongs are filtration devices that smokers use to smoke cannabis, tobacco, and other substances. The water inside the bongs aid in the filtration of the smoke. For the same reason, cannabis users experience the smoothest hits while using bongs to smoke marijuana. 

Pros of Bongs  

  • Bongs offer more condensed smoke per square inch, in contrast to other smoking devices.
  • Gravity bongs are popular bongs, which offer smokers the thickest hits.  
  • Bongs are also the most unique and appealing smoking devices.
  • You can even use ice in place of water to get even smoother hits from bongs. 

Cons of Bongs  

  • If you don’t clean your bongs, the water in your bong will smell bad and won’t nicely filter the smoke.
  • The water filtration mechanism in a bong means there are chances of losing a little THC from your flower.
  • Fragile bongs aren’t safe to travel with because they can break easily.
  • When bongs fall on the floor or break, they can leave nasty stains and smell for the next few days. 
  • You need to frequently change your water to smoke weed via bongs


Smokers also use vaporizers while heating the herb or weed at the perfect temperatures to extract the THC and release the combustible material in the bloodstream.

Pros of Vaporizers  

  • Vaporizers allow smokers to let all the active ingredients reach their lungs with no THC lost.  
  • Vaporizers offer a different taste, last for longer, and deliver unique highs.
  • They cause minimal damage to the respiratory system as vaping feels lighter on the lungs

Cons of Vaporizers  

  • Vaporizers are less compatible with other types of weed, such as hash.
  • These smoking devices can leave psychoactive compounds behind. 
  • Producing vapour is a quite technical process for an inexpert, unlike an expert. 


Pipes are also popular among stoners, identical to bongs online they buy online. Besides, weed pipes are convenient to use smoking devices to smoke marijuana. They also deliver a hot and flavourful smoke within seconds 

Pros of Pipes  

  • Pipes are small smoking devices; for the same reason, you can easily conceal them.
  • These smoking devices don’t lose THC and offer strong hits.
  • Additionally, glass pipes are unique that change colours and look cool at the same time.

Cons of Pipes  

  • Pipes can easily break except for metal pipes.
  • Getting hits from weed pipes is harsh at times.
  • Possibly, smokers can suck some ash into their mouth through weed pipes towards the end.


Bubblers are pretty much the same as weed pipes, but they also have a water chamber at their bottom. Technically, bubblers are small bongs with carbs; however, they work the same as weed pipes.   

Pros of Pipes  

  • Bubblers let smokers enjoy the best of both worlds with the benefits of bongs and pipes simultaneously.

Cons of Pipes  

  • Bubblers aren’t easy to clean.
  • Additionally, you need to frequently change your water in the chamber if you use bubblers to smoke marijuana. You will need to do that to keep the smell away and let the smoke taste better.
  • Some bubblers are portable; still, they aren’t the ideal smoking devices to carry.
  • Smoking weed via bubblers may lead you to end with bad water in your mouth.


Smoking is a highly popular method of cannabis consumption; still, inhaling smoke is a health concern. There are pros and cons of using various devices to smoke marijuana, ranging from bongs online to vaporizers, pipes, and bubblers. Bongs can offer smokers the cleanest of hits and also look pleasant to the eyes at the same time. Vaporizers feel lighter on the lungs when you use them to smoke weed, unlike other types of smoking devices. Weed pipes are convenient to use and also popular smoking devices for smoking marijuana. Bubblers offer smokers the benefits of bongs and pipes at the same time, yet they aren’t highly popular. All smoking devices have their pros and cons. Nonetheless, you can choose the right device to smoke weed if you know your need and preferences to smoke cannabis.  

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