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Best Practices of Toll Free Numbers in 2022

A toll-free number allows callers to connect with businesses without being charged for the call.

This means that all the calls landing on these numbers are billed to the business.

According to the pointers above, toll-free numbers help to create a brand image and to emphasize the professionalism of your services. Check out how they add value to different industries by digging a little deeper.

IT Industry

Because the pandemic restricted physical movement, information technology (IT) and digital services have grown like never before. Businesses can use toll-free numbers to generate leads, answer customer questions, and even help them use their products and services. Let’s look at some examples:


  • To build a website/app to sell your products online, call 1800-ggg-pppp
  • For tech support on our product, dial 1800-hhh-qqqq

Recruitment Agencies

Connecting qualified candidates to job openings is the responsibility of recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies assist both employers and candidates. Toll-free numbers can be used to invite both parties to contact the recruitment agency at no charge. For example:


  • Personalized career recommendations are available by calling 1800-nnn-yyyyy
  • To find the perfect candidate for your vacancies, contact a recruitment consultant now at 1800-OOO-ZZZZ

Ed-Tech Sector

Technology-enhanced learning is in high demand. Everyone can find something they enjoy, from crocheting at home to advanced courses in data science. Toll-free numbers allow ed-tech companies to connect with the right customer, regardless of their niche.

Here are some examples:


  • Do you want to build a data science career? Please call 1800-aaa-bbbb
  • Call 1-800-CCC-DDDD for a crash course on improving productivity
  • Call 1800-EEEE-FFFF for 12th standard math lessons

Automotive Industry

There are several segments within this industry including new and used auto dealers, suppliers of automotive parts, service and repair centers, and auto financers.

All of these industries can benefit from the toll-free number feature and see more results in terms of response rates, new leads, etc.


  • Call on 1800-xx-xxx for authorized service repair centers near you.


During peak admissions season, things can get very hectic and confusing. Education institutions might have trouble keeping track of all the calls they receive every day. Your school/college/tutor center will be able to keep track of all calls with a toll-free number. Here’s how


  • You can find out the status of your school application by calling 1800-vv-pppp.
  • Learn more about our programs by calling 1800-gg-xxxx.

Financial institutions- Banks/NBFC/ MFI

In the financial sector, such as mortgage companies, lending firms, brokerage firms, investment firms, insurance companies, and banks, a toll-free number with complete details of their product offerings should be mandatory. This will ensure that the end customer is not misled by the agents/brokers, which can damage the brand.


  • Call us at 1800-xx-xxx for more information about our investment plans
  • We can let you know the status of your claim by calling 1800-xxx-xxxx.


Medical emergencies, no matter how big or small, require immediate medical attention. The ambulance industry was the first to implement a toll-free number.


  • To book an appointment, call on 1800-xxx-wwww
  • For immediate medical assistance, call us on 1800-xxx-xxxx

Entertainment Industry

A game show/ entertainment show decides a winner by calling a toll-free number. The winner is chosen based on the number of votes received. It can also be used to determine how well the show is doing by looking at the number of calls received on the toll-free number.


  • If you want XYZ to win, call on 1800-xxx-xxxx and select 3.

NGO/ Non-profits

NGOs can use toll-free numbers to conduct short educational courses, garner support for a cause, etc.


  • Call on 1800-xxx-yyyy to register your support for the QWERTY cause!

Ready to get a toll-free number?

All you need to do is get in touch with us!

Businesses that wish to make their customers feel valued should get a toll-free number. Getting a toll-free number does not require any investment. Knowlarity toll-free numbers come with additional benefits, including IVR, CRM integration, real-time analytics, and call tracking, to name a few.

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