The best detective games for Android devices

Murder Mystery is one of the finest genres of fiction, and if you want to play Android games with this subject on the move, there are plenty of options. If you want to take your mystery hobby beyond reading books and discover some detective games on the Android spy then we have some good news for you!

Some of these names are old but don’t worry, you could be a part of CSI or any other investigative agency. The fact is that we will spend some obsessive moments trying to solve the crime scene and find out who the killer was. Below are some of the interesting android spy games that could be downloaded from the play store;

Android Spy Favorite: Operation X

This is my pick of all the detective games. Operation X is an exciting online multiplayer game in which you take on the role of an international agent. Travel to European cities for information that will generally help in criminal organizations and crime eradication. This free RPG offers exciting time, combat, and skill-based missions. Improve your skills, level up, and improve your equipment while playing Operation X.

Following in the footsteps of the main character and top agent Solvay Lang, you will join the secret organization ECSB and thus begin your career as an Android spy app. In your role as a top detective, you will follow the hidden clues that cause criminals to reveal their victims and their identities. At the top, you can use training fights to compete with other players and climb the ranks to reach number one. To fight crime together with friends and other agents or to compete with other teams of agents in team fights.

Detective Story: Investigation

If you want excitement and intrigue, this game will take you to the depths of what the human mind can hide, based on real events, now that we have moved to Philadelphia, the city where our spy office is located.

You find a mysterious package in your office with a box inside and a lock. Shortly afterward, you receive a phone call in which an unknown voice alerts you to two things: the first is his name is Jack, and the second is that you have only one hour to save the man’s life. For all that, you only get one hint to start your investigation.

With this conspiracy that can resist knowing what happened, you have to look for clues, objects, and everything that leads you to solve this kind of mystery. Explore the unique places and talk to more than thirty characters who may or may not help you.

During your research, you will find a lot of mini-games, which will give you clues and solve the small mud that will cross your path as an investigator. The option to find and submit a series of letters with which you will get details about the lives of real underworld owners and criminal gangs.

Murder Mystery 3: A Life Of Crime

We go with the third installment of this murder mystery story, they say the second part was never good, but if we go with a third party, what will happen? Well, we’re going to get into a real game with a very deep theme.

We will be wrapped up in heinous crimes that will probably have to be solved, and the culprit will be found. Of course, you should know English because the game is in that language, so it’s not too complicated and it can also help us improve the criminal and investigative vocabulary.

You must interrogate the suspects, and get as much information as possible to solve the case, do not leave without examining the bodies, and analyzing the crime scene. You may find very important and necessary clues in this case. But be careful because something may go wrong, or you may not be in the right place for something … Take extreme precautions or you may fall victim to it.

Detective Games: CSI CrimeBot

We are in the year 2049 and are in the body of investigators created by Scotland Yard to solve the most complex crimes of the time. CrimeBot is a special agency you are part of, and it helps the police solve cases where they have reached a dead end.

Thanks to the Tech graft you have put in your head, you will be able to observe better and find clues that will not be noticed by the naked eye, which is why your effect is so simple. Should be more than the researcher. Find the hidden objects at the crime scene, talk to the suspects and witnesses, analyze his clothes and find the killer.

That’s it, your Android spy app has shortlisted the best of the best games, that might bring out the detective or spy inside you!

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