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Azure Percept is a new Azure service that provides edge-based AI and machine learning capabilities. This service enables developers to deploy models on Azure IoT Edge devices and manage them using the Azure portal. Azure Percept is currently in preview and available in select regions. azure percept azure ailardinoistechcrunch

Azure Percept is a new technology from Microsoft that allows developers to add artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to their applications. Azure Percept allows developers to train and deploy AI models on the Azure cloud platform. Azure Percept is available in two editions: Standard and Enterprise. Standard edition is free to use and includes all the core AI capabilities. Enterprise edition is a paid subscription that includes additional features such as support for distributed training, model management, and monitoring. azure percept azure ailardinoistechcrunch

  1. Azure Percept is a new service from Microsoft that promises to make it easier for developers to build AI applications.
  2. Azure Percept is based on the company’s existing Azure Machine Learning platform and makes use of Azure Active Directory and other cloud services.
  3. The goal of Azure Percept is to provide a single, unified platform for all of your AI development needs.


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