AWS Solution Architect Certification Course for Better Placement

AWS or Amazon Web Services Certification is a credential which has been issued by AWS to each and individuals who want to get the specific knowledge, skills as well as abilities. Amazon is mainly working with AWS experts to set the bar with an exam and certification for required experience in a common cloud programming job roles and expertise in any particular technical areas. The one who is willing to meet that bar can get it by passing the AWS certification exam. After completing the course and successfully passing the exam, AWS will award the right candidate with an AWS certification.

Why to do the AWS online training & certification course and get AWS Certified?

 IT professionals are always trying to boost up their career and AWS certification will help them to drive their career. Whether you are looking for any new job role or want to showcase our skills to take new project on the same company or become your team’s o to expert, AWS certification will help you in each and every step. The Certification course can be completed wither through AWS online training session or offline training program, the exams for the certification course are created by the experts in the relevant technical area and preparing for such exams would definitely help you to build your necessary skills identified by skilled practitioners in the particular field. 

Once you start preparing for the certification, you must read lot more about it; watch more online courses, doing more hands-on labs and start solving more practice questions – all these activities will provide you lots of knowledge and experience in this field.  

AWS Solution Architect Certificate

Now, if you have already decided your choice of taking training and certification course in any particular segment of AWS, then working on it will always be the right choice. While there are lots of AWS Cloud certification courses. But one of the toughest one is AWS Solution Architect Certificate – Professional. It is not only the toughest but also one of the most reputed and desirable Cloud Computing certification course. And many developers and system admin are not able to pass it. However, there are AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam is also present. But the professional course is quite advance than the previous one. The bets thin is that there is a huge demand of this certification course holder. And once you successfully pass the exam, you will get better job with good salary packaging. 

The AWS Solution Architect Certification is an exam (Associate & Professional Level). Which is will tests individual for the skills in architectural roles to manage and operate systems on AWS. But before going to take preparation on the Professional Level. You must have in depth knowledge about the Associate Level of AWS Architect Solution. Or should have strong knowledge in Amazon Web Service Architecture.  

Your certification will be valueless if you don’t have knowledge in AWS console. But if you know that, still working hard to find a job. Then AWS certification would definitely help you.  

AWS Solution Architect Certificate – Associate Level:

The best way to start the AWS Certification preparation is to join in any quality course either online or offline. Choosing the best online certification course from any reputed organizations like. Cloudguru, DotNetTricks, Udemy etc. with proper tests, notes, books, exams. Will definitely help you to pass the exam and get AWS Solutions Architect Certificate for Associate Level. Not only that, studying proper notes and e-books and books will make you become update. And provide you proper knowledge on different functions and services of AWS.  Practicing tests, solving problems, giving for mock tests will help you to prepare more. For the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Exam. 

AWS Solution Architect Certificate – Professional Level:

This is one of the highest ranking certification course in IT industry and very much popular among the developers. Also, without proper preparation, it is quite tough to pass the exam. However, before going to get the certification course you need to have the following skills as stated – 

  • Should have the ability to execute all the cost control strategies
  • Design and implement enterprise-wide scalable operations on AWS.
  • Can be able to migrate multi-tier and complex applications on AWS
  • Can create and deploy dynamically scalable, fault-tolerant, highly available and reliable applications on AWS.
  • Select proper AWS Services to design and integrate an application based on the provided platforms.

This certification is very popular among various small, medium and bi organizations. Because they are having their applications and data on the cloud or looking for migrating it there. Thus, they are in need of candidates who are expert in enterprise level complex applications solution designing. AWS Certified Solution Architect with Professional Level Certified holder is able to provide solutions. Of all and can get good job opportunities with high package of salaries in a year.   

Courses You Can Learn to Crack AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional –

There 5 different types of online courses provided by different reputed organizations. To crack the exam of AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professionals.  Some of the best courses are from Udemy, DotNetTricks, PluralSight to become certified into this SAP – C01.  For any of these courses, you must have good knowledge and hands on practical experience on the Associate Level. Some of the highest rated courses are –

  • Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional 2022 by Udemy
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Practice Exam by Udemy
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional [Latest Exam] by Udemy
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional by PluralSight
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional by DotNetTricks 

After completing any of the above courses, you will be prepared for the exam of the toughest cloud certification program. Once you pass the pass the exam. You will be certified holder for the professional level for a couple of years. However, fter few years you need to re-certify again for your skills to be validated.

There are huge demands for AWS Solution Architect Certificate holder. And once you put the certification and add it on your resume. You will get several well known recruiters call right away. And you will have the option of choosing company and salary that you want.

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