A few tips for first-time visitors to Goa

India is home to millions of tourist destinations, but one of the names that are immensely popular in Goa. Though it is one of the smallest states in India there are plenty of options to enjoy. Be it the vibrant beaches, mouth-watering cuisine, exotic nightlife and laid-back vibe. So, if you are heading to Goa for the first time there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind.

There is no point in restricting yourself to the popular beaches.

The coastline of Goa is enormous with 105 km of 65.2 miles the city of Goa is blessed to have numerous beaches. People commit the mistake of restricting themselves to a few beaches they miss out on the thrill and the excitement that the smaller beaches end up offering. So, it is better that you visit the small beaches in Goa as it is devoid of the crowd and provide you with complete peace of mind.

A visit to the beaches advocates a cautious approach

The beaches are the main attractions of Goa, and at the same time, they do pose some risks. Sunstroke and sunburn are a few common risks. So, in order to avoid these risks, apply an SPF location, the sunbathing should be done in small increments and do not forget to carry sunglasses and a hat along with you.

Goa is quite blessed when it comes to bathing suits and it is a common sight where you come across people with bikinis on the beach. At the same time be aware that nudity is not allowed on the Goa beaches and you may be punished by law. Some of the beaches in Goa tend to have strong rip currents during the monsoon months. These beaches are marked with red flags which means swimming on the beaches turns out to be dangerous. The reason is that the high tide can sweep into the sea. So, pay attention to the warnings and do not get into the sea without proper precaution or guidance.

Exploring the city on two wheels

The best way to embark on the city of Goa is on a bike or a scooter. Since the roads are well-maintained there would not be a hassle if you are driving in the city. The rates of the bikes are dependent upon the season and the price may rise or come down accordingly. At the same time, the rents can drop substantially if you are renting for a few days. Before you choose a bike for rent take a test ride, figure out the condition and understand whether it is functional or not.

Make it a point you carry your driving license with you. In the state, helmets are mandatory so ensure that you do have one with you. There is no need to pay anything extra as this is part of the rent.

Go beyond the sand and the sea

Yes, it is agreed that people are drawn to the beaches but the state of Goa has to offer a lot beyond that. There are numerous temples, churches, sanctuaries and a lot more things that the state has to offer.

There is another point to consider which is to explore north and south Goa. Both these places have their own appeal. It is suggested that you move away from the north to the south. First, you need to tick all the attractions of North Goa and then move on to the peaceful terrain of South Goa. One of the top hotels in Goa Grand Hyatt and they have customized tours to the various parts of the city.

The bargaining game has to be in the right way.

Goa is known to have some of the best flea markets and a notable aspect is haggling in these marketplaces. The first price point that is provided to you is not the least and you need to get it right. If you bargain well, you are likely to find the best when it comes to finding a perfect souvenir for your near and dear ones.

Say no to drugs and do not drink on the beaches

There is a strong possibility that you may be invited to raves and beach parties. Take note of the fact that there are many parties where drugs are in circulation. A law that is worth mentioning is that the consumption of drugs in the state is illegal. If this is the case you are likely to land behind bars. Hence it is better that you adopt a cautious approach. Even drinking on public places like beaches is banned and you may land yourself in jail if you do so. So it is suggested that you should not indulge in any form of such activity.

Consider a few basics

Since it is the beach, sun and sand make sure that you pack properly when you are in the state of Goa. At the same time do not always opt for flip-flop clothes as some degree of traditional clothing may not be a bad idea. The reason is that you need to visit the temples. For some of the dress tips, there are various points to consider.

Watch out for your personal stuff

It may seem common sense but it is one of the pointers that you need to keep in mind. Irrespective of the fact whether you are relaxing on the beach or at the shopping Centre it is fair to say that you keep a watch out for your personal stuff. The reason being there are numerous pick pockets who are lurking in the corner.

Do not forget to carry cash with you

In Goa, there are a number of small outlets that still do not accept UPIs or credit card payments. Hence it is suggested that you carry a sufficient amount of cash to cover up the expenses.

These are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind the next time you are travelling to Goa

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