7 Best Plagiarism Checkers You Must Use In 2022: Free and Paid

Accusations of plagiarism can often come with severe academic consequences, like the rejection of a paper or expulsion.  Thus, it’s crucial to have a robust regime to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

Fortunately, there are loads of outstanding plagiarism scanners that can evaluate papers for potential plagiarism.  And, they work effectively no matter what kind of papers you need to assess.

The best ones even go further by supplying links to original, copied content and even offer linguistic advice.

In today’s comprehensive post, we have rounded up some of the best plagiarism checkers out there that will allow you to give credit where it is due.

  • Duplichecker

Duplichecker is perhaps one of the most effective free plagiarism checkers on the internet.  The tool enables you to either copy and paste your text in the field and check it for plagiarism or upload a Docx or Text file.

Further, if you sign up for free, this remarkable tool enables you to perform 50 plagiarism checks in a single day.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is an all-encompassing plagiarism checker that enables users to check spelling, grammar, and, most importantly, plagiarism. Since then, it has come a long way from being just a proofreading tool to a reliable plagiarism checker.

While the tool is available for free, a Premium option offers advanced grammar checks, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and a plagiarism checker.

  • comes with an advanced algorithm that detects exact matches to other content.  It also enables rearranging word order and overall sentence structure, word substitutes with synonyms, and changing a sentence from active to passive or passive to active.  Furthermore, it is a paid tool offering free services.

  • Unicheck

The software highlights text matches, quotes and references to help you see the amount of copied text at a glance.  It also offers similarity scores and reporting.

  • Scribbr

Scribbr claims to be the #1 plagiarism checker for students with robust reporting, a vast plagiarism database, and confidentiality.

  • PlagScan

The incredible tool lets you collaborate with other users with its interactive browser report.  The software also allows you to evaluate sources and highlight various matches with various colours.  PlagScan also enables new users to start a free trial with pricing beginning at $5.99 for 25 pages.

  • Quetext

Quetext is a straightforward plagiarism checking tool that takes context into account when evaluating copy.  It can assess instances where innumerable words are changed to hide plagiarism attempts.  Colour grading also makes it easy to spot and remove issues.  Further, it lets anyone check up to 2500 words for free each month.

Plagiarism is no mild act in the academic world.  Use the brilliant tools listed above to keep plagiarism at bay.  Begin increasing your progress, productivity, and inspiration today.


Delivering a unique and stellar academic paper every time can be a real-life challenge for most students.  Thus, in this article, we have listed specific amazing plagiarism checkers that can help you sail through the excruciating writing process like a champion.

AUTHOR BIO: Alley John is an English professor at one of the most reputed institutions in the UK. He is also a part of, one of the UK’s top-ranked college paper essay writing services.

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