5 Cat Items That Help Keep Your Senior Feline Happy

Senior feline pets typically don’t ask for much from their human parents. If you have an older cat at home, you will know that bare essentials like good food, fresh water, a comfortable bed, a clean litter box, scratch posts, and favorite toys can keep it happy and content.

Incompatible food items, beds, litter boxes, etc., can affect your aged cat’s health. Minor issues can quickly escalate to serious health problems when you ignore their comfort. It is not uncommon for older cats to fall sick suddenly, whether or not they show signs of disease.

Emergency vet visits can’t be ruled out, especially if your sick senior feline has pre-existing health conditions. Cat insurance can come to your financial rescue in times like these and many others. Contemplate buying pet insurance early as it can lower your economic burden during distressing health situations. Meanwhile, read this article to learn about some cat items that help keep your older cat happy.

1. Heated/orthopedic cat bed

Your older cat might need extra layers of softness and support to sleep comfortably. Regular pet beds may not suit cats with spinal and bone/joint problems. Consider looking for orthopedic cat beds available in many shapes and sizes and buying one that ensures your kitty’s comfort. Also, check heated cat beds that your kitty can cozily rest on cold days and are ideal for snoozing on in the winter months.

2. Water fountain

Cats love to drink fresh water. Top-quality wet food satisfies only a bit of your senior cat’s daily water needs, so you must consider purchasing a product that helps encourage your cat to drink well. The pet water fountains essentially serve this purpose. While regular water bowls can be boring, water fountains look and sound attractive. They can draw your cat’s attention towards it and entice them to take a few sips.

3. Elevated food dish

Eating from a bowl on the floor can be difficult for some older cats. If your cat has the same problem, consider investing in an elevated food dish. It is designed to be tall, with a bottom that is a few inches off the ground. Otherwise, you can buy a stand or table and place your cat’s food dishes on top to elevate them. Eating and drinking need not be challenging with such an arrangement.

4. Ramps and pet stairs

Senior cats having trouble climbing stairs and jumping can use pet stairs and ramps. Check what your kitty prefers to use and buy the product accordingly. Set them up next to your bed, near the window, next to the cat tree, couch in the living room, and other high places your senior feline often visits but finds getting up to challenging.

5. Convenient litter box

Consider buying a litter box that is easy to enter/exit and is open on top. Suppose the litter box walls are high and the top is covered; your older fur pal may outrightly reject the box and eliminate outside instead.

You must know that products made for growing or younger adult cats don’t suit the needs of older cats. You must consider switching to products designed for senior felines in the best interests of your older cat’s health and well-being.

At the same time, consider being prepared with cat insurance ahead of time. Pet insurance makes providing your struggling senior cat with top-notch medical care possible with few financial hurdles. So, why not consider purchasing a policy?

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